The International Student Energy Summit

The International Student Energy Summit 2019 was about Breaking Barriers that will empower students to transform the energy industry and create a more sustainable and inclusive future. The Summit was a unique experience where interaction, innovation and inspiration united and empowered everyone to shape the future of energy. It was sponsored by many major oil and gas companies such as British Petroleum Oil and Gas Company, Shell, Schlumberger, as well as other non-profit organizations, geared towards reducing and shaping a renewable planet.

The policies that the United Kingdom and European Union implemented to reach their goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 were presented, such as the Climate Change Act which mandated industries to reduce their carbon output in the environment, allowing them to focus on and implement renewable energies. The United Kingdom in June 2018 was able to boast of its 48% of energy coming from renewable sources while only 47% came from oil and gas in the past ten years.

The summit was attended by Mr. Shiva Balliram, a student at the Faculty of Law, whom excelled at the CAPE Examinations in Environmental Science and SMTS at the UWI. He was one of the few Law students at the Summit to have a background in Environmental Science.


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