Public Law


The subject of public law is central to the practice of good democratic governance and to the success of CARICOM’s Single Market and Economy. The Public Law programme aims to provide legal practitioners, magistrates, senior public servants and other qualified persons with advanced training and a deeper understanding of issues in the core subjects of Constitutional and Administrative Law, in addition to others relevant to the regulation of public authorities, so as to enable them to represent their clients more effectively before the courts. The programme also seeks to equip candidates with the capacity to render more enlightened decisions in the discharge of their offices as senior managers of the public service and to give adequate and effective legal and policy advice to governments and other clients. It lays the foundation for the development of a regional jurisprudence in the area of Public Law.


Course of Study

Candidates for the UWI LLM Degree in Public Law must complete thirty-six (36) credit hours of a course of study comprising six (6) courses of six (6) credits each. With the permission of the Faculty, candidates may substitute a Research Paper on a topic in Public Law for one six (6) credit course.

The Research Paper must be completed at the end of the semester following the candidate’s second semester or teaching session whether or not the candidate has completed final written examinations for his or her courses.

Candidates registered for the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law must complete twenty-four (24) credit hours of the course of study.

Candidates in the UWI LLM must select at least four (4) courses, each worth six (6) credits, from the following list of courses:

  • LAW 6300 Advanced Public International Law
  • LAW 6330 Advanced Public International Trade Law
  • LAW 6460 Competition Law in a Global Economy
  • LAW 6520 Advanced International Environmental Law
  • LAW 6600 Advanced Caribbean Integration Law
  • LAW 6720 Public Law I – Advanced Constitutional Law
  • LAW 6730 Public Law II – Advanced Administrative Law
  • LAW 6750 Advanced International Human Rights Law

A candidate for the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law must have completed a minimum of 3 courses from the above list of courses.

For their remaining credits, candidates in the UWI LLM in Public Law may select any two (2) courses offered in the UWI LLM programme.

For their remaining credits, candidates in the Postgraduate Diplomain Public Law may select any course offered in the UWI LLM programme.

The coursework component of all programmes must be completed within four semesters of the commencement of the programme by the student.

Students must apply for approval to register in Law 6900 Research Paper before the end of the second semester or teaching session from the commencement of the programme by the student.


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