Review The Criminal Justice Session In Trinidad And Tobago: The Death Penalty Component - New Developments And Perspectives

Heightened criminal activity and citizen insecurity is very much in the news today. The EU-Faculty of Law, UWI, St. Augustine Human Rights Project invites you to an enlightening Parliamentary Session to present new information and developments on an important aspect of this discussion - The Death Penalty. Already, the State has acknowledged that serious crime has deep social roots and cannot easily be solved merely by imposing punitive measures.

The session will explore the Death Penalty within this framework, also explaining Trinidad and Tobago's isolationist position on the Death Penalty and its inefficacy. It will outline short term and long term strategies to treat with the contentious Death Penalty issue. Ultimately, the session will provide empirical evidence, research and jurisprudential analysis to support feasible options for Parliament to move forward as it seeks to resolve these deep issues in the nation.

The Parliamentary Session on 'Reviewing the Criminal Justice System in Trinidad and Tobago – The Death Penalty Component' is an action of the EU-Faculty of Law, UWI, St. Augustine Human Rights Project entitled ‘Growing Capacity for Elevating Trinidad & Tobago to International Human Rights Standards'. The Faculty of Law, UWI St. Augustine stands committed to lend support to the Government and Peoples of Trinidad and Tobago as they work towards developing the legal infrastructure to build a more democratic and equitable nation.

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