Elizabeth (Betty) McComie-41.jpgOffice Manager

Mrs Mc Comie’s extensive administrative, human resource, and event management knowledge and experience in various international organisations proved invaluable when she joined The University of the West Indies in 1991. More recently, she was given special leave to head the 50th Anniversary Secretariat of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (April 2013 to March 2015).

She leads the Unit that executes events hosted by the Campus Principal. These include official visits by members of the Diplomatic Corps and Government. Mrs Mc Comie also provides guidance and training to the St. Augustine Campus community on proper procedures and protocol for various Faculty or Department events. In this capacity, she also sits on the Campus Committee, which co-ordinates events such as graduation, matriculation, long service awards, and visits by Heads of State.

As Personal Assistant to the Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor, she is a member of the Campus Management Team, and liaises with senior UWI, government and business officials on his behalf. Additionally, she treats with student matters and special projects as requested by him.

Mrs. Mc Comie has a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management, and is currently pursuing her MBA (Hospitality & Tourism). She is also trilingual, and has professional certification in event management, human resource management, and administrative management, as well as a Diploma in Corporate and International Protocol.

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