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Project Leader: Dr. Michael Hosein/Dr. Wayne Goodridge
Project: A Resilient System for Communication under Disaster Conditions in the Caribbean


Project Leader: Dr. Craig Ramlal
Project: Hospitech: Supporting in-hospital COVID-19 Response through Technology


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Project Leader: Dr. Arvind Singh
Project: Autonomous Transmission Infrastructure Monitoring

Project Leader: Prof. Trevor Alleyne/ Dr. Diane Ignacio
Project: Unlocking the anticancer potential of selected Caribbean plants


Project Leader: Dr. Trevor Townsend
Project: The Development of a Travel Demand Model for Trinidad

Project Leader: Dr. Keeran Ward/ Dr. Dhurjati Chakrabarti
Project: The Environmental Applications of Sodium Alginate Extracted from Sargassum sources in Trinidad and Tobago


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Project Leader: Dr. Sameer Dhingra
Project: Pharmacovigilance Programme for Assuring Medication Safety in Trinidadian Population


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Project Leader: Dr. Beverly-Anne Carter
Project: Language Competitiveness: Positioning T&T for Social Development

Project Leader: Professor Derek Chadee
Project: Crime Victimization and Fear of Crime Stakeholder Consultation


Project Leaders: Dr. Neleen Baboolal and Dr. Gershwin Davis
Project: Mitigating the Dementia Tsunami in Trinidad and Tobago

Project Leaders: Prof. Jayaraj Jayaraman, Prof. Patrick Akpaka and Dr. Adesh Ramsubhag
Project: Surveillance, Characterization and Management of Antibiotic Resistance in Common Bacterial Pathogens in Trinidad and Tobago




Project Leader: Dr. Ricardo Clarke/Dr. Nikolay Zyuzikov
Project: Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Various Occupations / Environments in Trinidad and Tobago
Project Leader: Dr. Farid Youssef
Project: An investigation into the Trajectory of Neurobehavioural Development of Primary School Children in Trinidad and Tobago

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Project Leader: Dr. Denise Beckles
Project: The Environmental and Health Impacts of the Guanapo Landfills



Project Leader: Dr. Asad Mohammed
Project: Understanding Built and Cultural Heritage in East Port-of-Spain




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