One of the priorities of The University of the West Indies is to position itself as the leader in producing relevant and impacting research. The UWI has for several decades produced outstanding research and sought to communicate new knowledge through teaching, conferences, public lectures, consultancies and public service. In today’s highly competitive environment, however, this has become even more essential if the university is to distinguish itself and provide leadership in new and emerging areas linked to national and regional development.

So how do we strengthen the synergy between scholarship and development impact? The application of research, the engagement of key stakeholders throughout the process and the effective communication of research outputs to diverse audiences are all critical elements in this process, in addition to the availability of dedicated research funding.

The focus of the RDI Fund is, therefore, to support projects that address pressing development challenges and that will achieve recognizable and substantive impact in the short and medium term (3-5 years). Emphasis will be placed on: multi-disciplinary research, collaboration and strategic partnerships, participation of PhD students and/or post-doctoral researchers, a focus on research-directed action and impact on policy, practice, products and/or services, contribution to shaping the intellectual discourse on a policy issue of national/regional importance, knowledge dissemination and stakeholder engagement.

It is anticipated that through the methodological approach and execution of its projects, the RDI Fund would foster a greater appreciation in our stakeholders, of the value and impact of UWI research, innovation and knowledge transfer.


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