Scholarships & Bursaries

SECTION A and SECTION B are both compulsory sections on the online application.  Please fill out all the required fields (marked with an *). If you leave any of the required fields blank, the system will give you an error message when you attempt to submit your application. 

  • ALL APPLICANTS are required to complete the Extra-Curricular activities Statement, under the Supporting Documents section.  Kindly note that your application would be pending if this document is not received. 
  • Students applying for a scholarship or bursary based wholly or partially on financial need, kindly refer to the Supporting Documents section for the document that must accompanied your application. 
  • If you are applying for a scholarship/bursary which requires you or your parents to be a member of a Credit Union or other Association (e.g. Teachers’ Credit Union etc.), kindly indicate the required information in SECTION D of the online application. 
  • A scholarship/bursary may NOT be held jointly with any other scholarship/bursary where together the value exceeds 25% of maintenance cost [accommodation, meals, personal expenses] plus tuition and miscellaneous fees. 
  • STUDENTS TRANSFERRING TO ANOTHER FACULTY FOR 2024/2025 - A student who obtains a scholarship/bursary for studying in one Faculty will not be allowed to keep the same Bursary to transfer to another Faculty. He/she should re-apply from his/her new Faculty at the appropriate time. 

 All supporting documents for applications based on Financial Need and/or participation in Extra-Curricular activities must be uploaded in a PDF format onto the scholarship application form or emailed to  BEFORE May 31, 2024.


Please note the following: -


  1. Only registered FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE students or students going into full-time study  from Level II will be considered for a scholarship or bursary.
  2. PART-TIME students who have completed Level 1 of study and proceeding to full-time in Level II will also be  eligible.
  3. Students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences who completed Phase 1 examinations are also eligible to submit an application.
  4. Off-site students expected to register in Level II at the St. Augustine Campus in August 2024 from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (St. Lucia), Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (St. Kitts) and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College will be eligible to apply for a scholarship or bursary.
  5. If you are the holder of a Continuing Award and have not maintain your academic standard (B+ Average), you would be eligible to submit an application.


  1. If you have applied for leave of absence; have been required to withdraw; writing examinations without attending classes for the 2023/2024 and/or 2024/2025 academic years;
  2. If you’re a recipient of another award (e.g. Government Scholarship), you are not eligible for another Scholarship or Bursary.
  3. If you’re expected to complete your course of study at the end of the 2023/2024 academic year, you are not eligible to apply.
  4. If you are the holder of a Continuing Award, you are NOT required to submit another application. Such persons must however maintain the required academic standard to continue the award.
  5. A student who obtains a scholarship/bursary for studying in one Faculty will not be allowed to keep the same Bursary if they transfer to another Faculty for 2024/2025.



N.B. Unsuitable, Incomplete &/or Late applications will not be acknowledged.



By submitting an application for a scholarship or bursary at the University, I hereby consent to a release of my personal information limited to my name, contact details and/or academic
information to those who have a legitimate interest to receive such information in pursuance of and for the sole purpose of giving effect to the mission and mandate of the University and limited to the following recipients:

  • GATE and other relevant Governmental Agencies
  • Scholarship programmes and/or External Donor/Funding agencies
  • UWI Students Associations and UWI Alumni Associations
  • Internal Business Units within the University
  • The University's Professional Advisors and Auditors”


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