Scholarships & Bursaries

1.    Extra Curricular Statement 

Extra-curricular activities are those activities that you engage in outside of the classroom.   Kindly note it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that ALL APPLICANTS complete the Extra-Curricular Activities Statement. 

Please provide full details with supporting documentation of any involvement in leadership activities, community activities, sport & physical activities, cultural activities etc. 

If you are involved in activities on the UWI Campus, and it is Faculty related, this must be confirmed by the Dean of the Faculty. 

If the activity falls under the Guild of Students, Halls of Residence and/or the Dept. Careers, Co-curricular & Community engagement, your form must be signed off by the Director, Student Services & Development.  Kindly provide evidence of involvement supporting documents for signature.  

If your activities are external to the Campus, kindly attach all supporting documents.

Click here to download Extra-Curricular Form.


2.    Projected Income & Expenditure Statement

Applications based on financial need must be accompanied by:

  • Notarized statement of income and expenses (one (1) copy only) Certified by a Commissioner of Affidavits/Notary public together with
  • Authorized job letter of *person(s) supporting applicant OR
    Pension letter (from whom the Pension is paid) OR 
    A letter from the provider of one’s Financial Assistance, signed by:

    • The President and Secretary of the Organization or Government Ministry,
    • The Principal, School Supervisor and President of the School Board of one’s Government Secondary or Private school OR
    • The Religious Head and President of the Church/Religious Board, RESPECTIVELY, AND bearing the Official Stamp of the Organization/Institution.

           (*If Self-Employed – a  certified letter indicating that person’s monthly OR annual income)

  •  Additional Comment Section

To support applications for awards based on Financial Need. Kindly utilized this section of the form, if there is something that you would like to explain and bring to our attention, that the online form could not capture e.g. Death in the family; Hardship on your household etc.

Click here to download Projected Income and Expenditure Form.


3.    Sporting Extra Curricular Activities Form

The University is very proud to offer its students scholarships and bursaries geared towards participation in sports.  To be considered for any of the sports scholarships/bursaries, all applicants must submit the Sporting Activities Form.

Click here to download Sporting Activities Form


All supporting documents for applications based on Financial Need and/or participation in Extra-Curricular activities Statement must be uploaded with your application by May 31st, 2024.

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