Prepare for the 17th instalment of The UWI SPEC International Half-Marathon, scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 19th, 2023. Following a three-year hiatus due to the global disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this presents an exceptional opportunity to reimmerse yourself in the rhythm of athleticism, pushing your limits, enduring the challenges, and surging triumphantly across the finish line.

Esteemed as one of the flagship events hosted by The University of the West Indies St. Augustine, participation has witnessed substantial growth over the past sixteen years, escalating from a mere 300 participants in 2004 to an impressive 1600 in 2019. Anticipations are set high for this year's event.

The half-marathon will commence promptly at 5:00 a.m. from The UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre. The established 13.1 mile route remains unaltered, guiding runners through the traffic-free Priority Bus Route, starting from St. Augustine to the La Resource Junction in D’Abadie, and then retracing the same path.

Diversifying this year's edition, a fresh facet has been introduced - the 5K race, commencing at 5:15 a.m. on the same morning. This novel inclusion caters to a broader spectrum of individuals, enabling enthusiastic participation in a distinguished and well-organized event.

Collaboration with the local sporting federations, the National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago (NAAATT) and the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) allows us to be certified locally and accredited by AIMS and World Athletics.

For further details, peruse our website or reach out via phone at (868) 645-9239 or (868) 662-2002 ext. 82660, 83571, 82594, or 83808. Alternatively, you can connect through email at





Here are some tips for the novice runner to the experienced athlete.


Before you begin half-marathon training you should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping.


During half-marathon training 65% of your total calories should come from carbohydrates.

Right Gear

Treat your feet to a good pair of running shoes to ensure you encounter no problems. Train in them before race day.

Warm Up & Cool Down

Always warm up before training or racing, with stretches and other appropriate exercises and then don't forget to cool down.


Always remember to carry and consume 6-8 oz of fluids every 20 minutes while running.

Avoid Injury

Try to avoid injury by using your non-running days to rest and recover. Taking time off to treat soreness will minimise your chances of injury.


You should allow your body the rest it needs between training so it can recover. From one run to the next, your body gets stronger.

Facts About THE RACE

Since the inception in 2004, the UWI Spec 1/2 Marathon has evolved into an international event with participants from all over the world

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