We thank you for participating in our race. These guidelines are formulated to assist you in complying with the rules of the race, and to make it easy for you, the organisers and officials to enjoy a trouble free race. Read them carefully.

  1. The race starts at 5.00 a.m. sharp on Sunday, October 20th, 2019   in front of The University of the West Indies Sport & Physical Education Centre (UWI SPEC). You are advised to reach UWI SPEC no later than 4.20 a.m.

  2. Your Bib-Number serves a purpose and that is to identify you at the Start, during the Race, at the Finish and to some extend even after the finish. Make sure you wear your Bib on top of all your clothing on your chest where it is visible for the Race Officials. Do not tamper with the timing device stuck to the back of it as that may result in it becoming dysfunctional. do not wear your Bib directly on your body, on your back or sides, this will not only make it difficult for the Officials to read it, but also may hamper the functionality of the timing chip.  If for any reason you fail to finish the race and to return to the finish, no time will be recorded against your name. The timing chips are no longer functional after the event and do not need to be returned.

  3. There is an adjacent tent where you may leave your regular clothes and other personal effects in a bag provided for that purpose. You can retrieve your bag after the race upon presenting your race number.

  4. Announcements will be made counting down to the start of the race. Ensure that you have used the washroom and have some water.

  5. Once you are at the START LINE, you can take your place anywhere EXCEPT to the front of the race, which is reserved for elite athletes. For the eventual top ten (10) male finishers and top ten (10) female finishers, the time starts when the gun is fired.  For the rest of the field, your time starts when you cross the START LINE, not when the gun is fired, so there is no need to rush to get to the front. Runners failing to obey instructions at the start line may be disqualified from participating in the race.

  6. No one is allowed to cross the START LINE before the gun is fired. The computerized timing system is activated and can be triggered. You can be penalized for this.

  7. The Wheel chair racers will begin their race five minutes before the start of the main event.

  8. The race course is well marked so you will have no problem staying on course.

  9. There are many water stations along the course. You are advised to drink a little at each station.

  10. At the La Resource turn, there is a TIMING MAT which you must cross before you make the return run. IF YOU FAIL TO CROSS THE MAT, YOU MAY BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE RACE.

  11. If at any time during the race you feel unwell, seek help from any race official or volunteer.

  12. There will be ambulances accompanying the race and a major medical facility at the start/finish. Do not continue walking/running if you feel unwell. 

  13. At the finish line you must run across the TIMING MAT so your time can be recorded. Once you do not need medical assistance, you proceed to the officials who are collecting the timing devices. You must hand your devise to them and they will issue you with your medal.

  14. You can then proceed to the Athlete’s Village to have something to eat and drink, then proceed to collect your personal effects that you left at the BAG TENT. You will need your race number to retrieve your bag. You may also proceed to use showers, change rooms and toilets in the indoor facility.

  15. Prizes for the Open/ International category and prizes for international participants will be distributed on race day beginning at approximately 9 a.m. All other prizes will be distributed at an Award Ceremony at a later date. If you have any queries about the results or your eligibility for a prize, you may take this up with UWI SPEC officials at the finish.