UWI Website Redesign Project at St Augustine Campus

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A new, world class browsing experience:

Our new design was done strategically with our key target audiences in mind. The homepage and initial landing pages have been reorganized to provide more relevant audience specific content, in a simple, uncluttered and structured format. This makes it easier to access relevant information in a timely manner.


What is the difference?

Visually, we have changed dramatically. Our homepage and targeted landing pages have received a major make-over; but there are also some significant structural changes worth mentioning:


1. Responsive design

The new homepage and all top level landing pages are designed to adapt to all browsers as well as device types. Whether you choose to click, tap, or swipe - our webpages will now respond to the display size of your device, giving you easy access to the information you need, wherever you need it.


2. Targeted content

Before the redesign, the main navigation on our homepage was split into two categories: ‘Information for’ and ‘Information about’. Listed under each heading was information for a wide cross-section of users including all students and staff. On the redesigned website, each link on the homepage will take users to a landing page which focuses on their specific interests.

If you are a prospective student, https://sta.uwi.edu/programme-search can help you find available programmes at The UWI, St. Augustine.

Prospects can also access all the necessary information on applying to the university from the new Apply to UWI page, https://sta.uwi.edu/apply

If you are a current student, we advise you to bookmark the Current Students landing page at https://sta.uwi.edu/currentstudents

Faculty and staff members may access their new landing page from the secondary homepage navigation located under the main navigation, and are welcome to bookmark https://sta.uwi.edu/faculty-staff


3. Content on demand

For the most efficiently delivered content, the new design employs some of the most modern coding practices. Content on demand is employed throughout the website’s new pages to deliver content only when users request it by clicking on a specific tab.


4. Improved Programmes database and search feature

On the new Programme Search page (https://sta.uwi.edu/programmes-search) users can browse more than 300 programme options offered by the university, but even more, they are able to search by degree level or alphabetical order, search by programme or faculty, or search by keyword.


5. C.O.P.E. (Create Once, Publish Everywhere)

We have reformed the way we communicate with our users, and disseminate content across mediums. To ensure that information is always timely, accurate, and consistent, we pull information from various online systems across campus.


Browser Compatibility

The new site is compatible with the following browsers. For optimal viewing, please download the latest version of each:

Google Chrome



Internet Explorer 9+



Where are all my frequently visited links?

If you are unable to find a link you previously found on the UWI, St. Augustine homepage, you will find them under the ‘Information For’ section of the new homepage.