Archived Issue April 2012

A circular rainbow is not something you often see, but it happened on April 14, triggering a flurry of interest and speculation. It happened during the Postgraduate Open Day taking place at the St. Augustine Campus (see Postgraduate Choices Article) and fortunately, one of the faculty members helping students make their decisions, Professor Ramsey Saunders, a professor of medical physics was on hand to shed some light.

He explained that it is a simple optical phenomenon where light is dispersed by the clouds and because of the dispersion one would see the various colours.

As it was midday, with the sun directly overhead, the symmetry would create a circular rainbow, he said. If the sun were further to the east or the west, the result would be more of an arc, “what we got is a midday rainbow,” he said.

As is typical of the times, several people captured the sight and posted it online, but we particularly liked this one taken by Joshua Brizan from his home in Trincity.

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UWI Calendar May - June 2012

Canada's Govenor General Visits UWI for a panel discussion
2 May, 2012
UWI St. Augustine
“Trinidad and Tobago: Our place in the region”
3 May, 2012
Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Seminar on the future of the pension industry in the Caribbean
4 May, 2012
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
SALALM LVII Conference
16-19 June, 2012
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Hydrocarbon Economies
20-22 June, 2012
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Poeciliid Biologists
25-28 June, 2012
UWI St. Augustine
7th Caribbean Creative Writers’ Residential Workshop
8-19 July, 2012
Trinidad and Tobago
Shifting the Geography of Reason IX
19-21 July, 2012
UWI St. Augustine

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