Archived Issue April 2017


AGRIman inspects some fruit at the TechAGRI Expo 2017. The “world’s first food and nutrition superhero”, as he is called by creator Alpha Sennon of the NGO WHYFARM, AGRIman was on hand at the expo to promote agriculture among the youth. TechAGRI was held at the Admin of the UWI St. Augustine Campus to be a showcase of “innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation” in the local food industry. The Faculty of Food and Agriculture event ran from March 24 to 26 and included a host of T&T-made, food-based products such as coffee, chocolates, soaps, seasonings and many others. Attendees, including several school groups, enjoyed interactive tours of the technologies and processes of the FFA, and were able to sample and purchase fresh produce from UWI farms, as well as delicacies from the daily food village. UWI St. Augustine has made the revitalisation of local agriculture a mission for the campus, seeing it as a critical and viable industry for the development of a diversified, export-driven economy. For more on TechAGRI Expo 2017 click here.


Other Top Stories

Students at Risk
School Substance Abuse
Professor of Poetry
A Tribute to Derek Walcott

Turmoil in Trinidad
Indentureship, Shouter Baptists, World War I

Mt Hope Art Society
Mending the Children’s Ward

UWI Calendar April - June 2017

DAOC Intensive Course on Brazilian Foreign
Policy in the 21st Century

April 25-26
Institute of International Relations, UWI St. Augustine Campus
18th Annual SALISES Conference
April 26-28
Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Port-of-Spain
Th?nk3 One-day Symposium
April 27
UWI St. Augustine Campus
Inspire. Innovate. Go Global. ALJGSB Conference
May 5
Hyatt Regency Trinidad, Port of Spain
UWI inStyle Fashion Show
May 7
National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Port of Spain
Call for Papers: 36th West Indian Literature Conference
May 19 (Submission deadline)
UWI Games 2017
May 24-June 2
UWI Cave Hill, Barbados

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