Archived Issue August 2012

Darron Small, who works at the Alma Jordan Library, created this painting, Synergy, especially for the 50th Independence anniversary celebrations planned by the Library.

The idea was to do something abstract based on the red of the National Flag. Small said a “number of elements were chosen to represent the symbols embedded in the meaning of the flag by its creators.”

“The sun and its rays speak of the warmth, energy and vitality inherent in the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The bird represents the Humming Bird, a national emblem, but also gives a nod to the indigenous peoples who first named this land, Iere. The Trinity Hills, the first thing sighted by the Spanish who came in 1492 is also represented here. Then there is the Chaconia flower. The gear wheels and clock symbolize change. In a direct sense they represent the change that occurred 50 years ago at midnight on the day we achieved our independence. The also symbolize the continuity of change in that we continue to evolve as a people, as a nation in a world that does not stand still.”

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UWI Calendar August - October 2012

50th Anniversary Display at Alma Jordan Library
3 August-12 October, 2012
UWI St Augustine Campus
First Year Experience 2012
13 August 2012-14 March 2013
29 August-1 September, 2012
UWI St. Augustine Campus
IMF Town Hall Meeting
5 September, 2012
UWI St. Augustine Campus
13 September, 2012
UWI St. Augustine Campus
In The Fires of Hope
13-15 September 2012
UWI, St. Augustine Campus
COTE 2012
11-12 October, 2012
UWI, St. Augustine Campus
UWI St. Augustine Graduation 2012
25-27 October, 2012
UWI St Augustine Campus

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