Archived Issue February 2013

No place does it better than the Gayelle when the Department of Creative and Festival Arts sets up for its annual Old Yard presentation. Town cannot say it has ever seen a finer collection of traditional carnival characters all gathered in one place. If the artform is dying as is the popular cry, then more people just have to come to the event to see how and why it should be preserved. For more Old Yard images, click here.


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The rocking years
A Seismic 60
Decriminalize it?
Marijuana and the law
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UWI Calendar March 2013 - August 2013

Art on the mind
7 March to 4 April
Port of Spain
World of Work 2013
9th March
UWI St Augustine
Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference
22 March
Hyatt Regency, Trinidad
Protecting Women and Girls
25-27 March
Lowlands, Tobago
Literature Week
18-22 March
St. Augustine Campus, UWI
Professorial Inaugural Lecture
14 March, 5.30pm
UWI St. Augustine
Distinguished Open Lecture
3 April
UWI St. Augustine
UWI Discover Tours
Brazil : 17 May-9 June
India: 12 July - 2 August

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