January 2020

The sun sets behind the towering samaan tree next to the Faculty of Agriculture’s Dudley Huggins Building at the UWI St Augustine Campus.

Top Stories


Human Impact
Global report reveals our toll on nature

Alternative energy

Electric Power
Campus launches vehicle charging station

Arts and culture

On Stage, in Studio
DCFA’s Season of the Arts

Sports research

Coding the Cricket
Engineers use tech to analyse the game

UWI Calendar of Events

January - March 2020

January 17-19 | UWI St Augustine
UWI-UNICOM T20 Cricket

January 19 | UWI St Augustine
Caribbean Planetary Health Conference

January 23-24 | UWI St Augustine
Celebrate the Life and Work of Sir Arthur Lewis

January 26 | UWI St Augustine
30 years of UWI Fete

UWI St Augustine
DCFA presents A Certificate in Sign Language

Mar 13-15 | UWI St Augustine
Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology Conference

Mar 16-17 | UWI St Augustine
Academic Advising and Mentoring in Higher Ed – A Caribbean Context