Archived Issue July 2018

This is a rehearsal scene from the recently presented musical West Side Story, which lit up the stage at Queen’s Hall from Thursday, June 21 through Sunday, June 24. The production of West Side Story was a presentation of Must Come See Productions in collaboration with the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA), UWI. For more on this, please click here. PHOTO: ATIBA CUDJOE.

Other Top Stories

An award for Mikhail
Keeping the campus secure
Lending a helping hand
Social work in St Joseph
Guppy ‘Cut-Eye’
Their eyes change colour

Language at the margins
Dr Renée Figuera

UWI Calendar July 2018

DCIT Computing Bootcamp
July 9 – 13
The UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad
UWI SPEC Football Camp
July 9 – 13
Sport and Physical Education Center
The UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad
Arts in Action Discovery Camp
July 9 – 27 & August 6 – 18
The DCFA, The UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad
Chancellor’s Week
The UWI 70th anniversary celebration
July 23 – 29
The UWI, Mona Campus, Jamaica
Rainforest to Reef
July 25 – 27
Teaching and Learning Complex
The UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad
Basic Surgical Skills Workshop
September 8 – 9
EWMSC, Mt Hope, Trinidad
Call for Papers – 13th Annual Caribbean Child Research Conference
November 15 – 16
The UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad

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Also In This Issue

  Message from the Principal: Preparing for the best and the worst
  Sir George Alleyne launches his new book: The Grooming of a Chancellor
  UWI students work & learn in China
  Award for brave UWI Estate Constable
  Rhoda Reddock on UN Committee
  Lending a helping hand
  The poor suffer more from natural disasters
  Mora Valley buffalypso to be slaughtered?
  Agriculture Minister: Time for action on fisheries industry
  Progress at what cost: Panel discusses impacts of austerity policies
  Reynaldo goes to Russia
  West Side Story comes to town
  Marsha Pearce curates British Council project
  Electioneering in a digital world
  Coral reefs, climate change and people
  English classes help refugees
  Guppy ‘Cut-Eye’
  ‘Bots that see and do’
  Language and social justice in T&T
  Language on the margins