Arcchived Issue March 2013

This UWI St Augustine Campus is deep in the process of implementing its new Strategic Plan for the period 2012-2017. At our Campus Council meeting on March 26, the Annual and Faculty Reports were presented for review.

With the Roman god Janus on their covers (as we feature on our cover here), the concept was meant to highlight the vision for the way forward which is built upon the lessons of the past.

While it is a time of beginnings, we are ever mindful of the values and traditions that have built our foundations, and it is with this knowledge of the depth of our heritage, we move forward with confidence.

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Other Top Stories

Postgraduate Open Day
Open minds
Deputy Principal reaches out
Love thy neighbour
Making donors of us
Blood works
100 years of cinema
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UWI Calendar April 2013 - June 2013

Mental Art
Ongoing to 4 April
Port of Spain
New Orleans and the Caribbean
April 1
UWI St. Augustine
Distinguished Open Lecture
Dr Jamil Salmi / 3 April
UWI St. Augustine
DCFA Events
April 4th - 26th
UWI St. Augustine, Woodbrook, Port of Spain
Trinidadian Autobiography
April 16
UWI, St. Augustine
School of Education Biennial Conference
April 23-25
UWI, St. Augustine Campus
7pm-10pm, April 27
Port of Spain
UWI Discovers
May 17 to June 9
June 9
SALISES 14TH Annual Conference
April 22-24

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