August 2018

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It is hard to imagine that this bucolic scene was actually what the Churchill Roosevelt Highway once was maybe half a century ago. This image is from a postcard bearing a 15-cent stamp that featured both the Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms and an image of the Queen of England – suggesting a post-Independence and pre-Republican period. The postcard comes from the Michael Goldberg Collection, one of several held and now digitized at the Alma Jordan Library. This was the first digitized collection to be placed in The UWI Institutional Repository. We found it so beautiful it was featured on the cover of our April 2016 issue.

There is nothing on the card indicating the geographical location of this stretch of the Highway, but it is most likely between the Curepe traffic lights and those at Valsayn. Unfortunately, the magnificent pouis that have been on this site have been completely erased from the landscape they adorned for more than 50 years.