About the Conference


Many countries have identified tourism as an engine of growth that has the potential to contribute to the economic, socio-cultural and environmental fabric of society.  Similarly, the cultural and creative industries’ intrinsic value is well established - but increasingly the creative industries have been recognised for its significant economic impact and for enabling business across a wide range of economic sectors.  Within recent years, understanding and research on the cultural and creative industries has grown exponentially and more and more destinations are realizing that in order to reengineer their tourism products, a stronger link between tourism, culture and the creative industries is needed. Notwithstanding the fact that the boundaries of creative industries have not been clearly defined, what has been established is a solid foundation for the nexus between these three areas.


Against this background, this conference seeks to explore the potential links between tourism, culture and the creative industries and how such connections can contribute to a destination’s sustainable, economic, social and human development.  Ultimately, it is hoped that this conference will in some way contribute to cross-disciplinary dialogues in tourism, culture and the creative industries which can advance knowledge and practice.