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Pre-Conference Tours

Wed Jan 18th - Tobago Day Tour:  Journey to the tranquil sister isle of Tobago, only a 15-minute plane ride away from Trinidad! This leisurely day trip includes:
-Buccoo Reef & Nylon Pool Tour (Hop aboard a glass-bottomed boat and enjoy a 10 min ride to the coral gardens to view the corals and exotic fish species. You will have the chance to snorkel and take a dip in the Nylon Pool, a shallow, white-sand area just behind the reef).
-Delicious local lunch at Pigeon Point Beach
-Partial island tour (includes a picturesque drive to Fort King George and Fort James to experience breathtaking views and cannons left over from the island’s turbulent history. Read and attempt to decipher the riddle inscribed on the “Mystery Tomb”.)
Approx cost: Airfare: US$50 + Tour US$100 = US$150.00 per person.


Wed Jan 18th - Angostura Distillery & Butterfly Museum Tour: A must for those with a taste for history, mystery, …and good rum. This tour takes you on an exciting and educational journey through the House of Angostura, home to the world-famous Angostura  Bitters and Rum Factory, which was established in 1824. This tour includes a visit to their amazing Butterfly Museum, the Angostura Art Gallery (which features great local art), the Angostura Gift Shop, and a well worth it stop at the Angostura Bar where you will get a chance to sample some of the tantalizing spirits produced by Angostura.
Approx Cost: US$45 per person.


Post-Conference Tours

Sun Jan 22nd - Port of Spain City Tour & Maracas Bay: The tour combines the highlights of the capital city of Port of Spain with a scenic drive around the mountainous North Coast to Trinidad’s most popular beach, Maracas Bay. The tour takes you through downtown Port of Spain, journeying to the Queen’s Park Savannah, a 200-acre recreational park lined with interesting colonial style mansions with fascinating architectural design (known as the Magnificent Seven). From there, you proceed along the lush North Coast Road on the way to Maracas Bay. This includes a stop at the famous Lookout, which offers a great photo opportunity as well as a chance for you to purchase local preserves, crafts, and jewelry. Upon arrival at Maracas Bay, a beautiful palm-fringed beach backed by lush mountains, you can take a swim, walk along the sand, or just relax at one of the beach huts for a cool drink and Bake & Shark for lunch (a local delicacy which constitutes golden-fried shark fillets topped with spicy chutneys and sweet sauces, in between two rounds of fried dough or “bake”).
Approx Cost: US$45.00 per person (includes lunch).


Sun Jan 22nd - Asa Wright Nature Centre: The peaceful drive to the 203-acre Asa Wright Nature Centre winds its way through the Northern Range, an extension of the South American Andes. This serene Nature Centre is nestled among lush forest and features an abundance of birds, butterflies, insects, and plants and is one of the best venues for birding in the Caribbean. Your naturalist guide will bring to life the rich variety of plant and animal life protected within the centre’s grounds as you walk through the Nature Trails. You are likely to witness colourful and exotic bird species, including Hummingbirds, which visit the nearby feeders just below the verandah. Enjoy a delicious local lunch before leaving this tranquil nature centre.
Approx Cost: US$75.00 (includes lunch)


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