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The Continuing Engineering Education Centre (CEEC) of the Engineering Institute uses several types and methods of delivery.
Seminars and Workshops usually last from one to five days and occasionally may be longer.
Short Courses are more instructional in nature and participants are expected to acquire new and /or enhanced skills. They typically range from two to five days but may be as long as four weeks.

Short courses, seminars and workshops are organized according to needs of companies, industries, government organization and private sectors and may take the form of:

  • General courses that cater to a wide cross-section of industries
  • Industry-specific courses, catering for example to the petroleum industry, the construction industry, manufacturing, etc.
  • Company-specific courses e.g. courses in Preventive Maintenance have been tailored for several specific companies on request.
  • Sponsored courses- these are often for regional participants sponsored by international aid agencies for regional institutions.

The Centre's activities generally take place at the Faculty of Engineering of The University of the West Indies, which is well equipped with conference facilities. Hotels and other venues are also used where appropriate as well as the training facilities of companies requesting special courses in Trinidad and Tobago or in any other territory.

In addition to the CEEC, individuals, companies, and industries interested in any of the services and/or projects provided by the other Centres of the Engineering Institute please contact us.

If you are also interested in having us assist in facilitating a course for you or interested in running a course, seminar or workshop feel free to contact us.

For further information:
Mr. Jesille Fraser
Projects/ Training Officer
Tel: 662-2002 Ext. 82175; 662-6267
Fax: 662-6267
E-mail: Engineering.Institute@sta.uwi.edu

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