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The University if the West Indies (UWI) is in a period of dynamic change. It has adopted outreach programmes with commericalised institutional building as one of the instruments to assist with its economic survival and future growth.
In response to these needs, the Faculty of Engineering had established the Engineering Institute as an approved unit of the UWI operating organisationally in association with the Office of the Dean.



Upcoming Courses

Machine Learning for Engineering Applications

As part of its Digital Transformation Series, The Engineering Institute is offering the short course "Machine Learning for Engineering Applications". Click on the flyer to register and here for more information.


Machine Learning for Engineering Applications


We would be most appreciative if the information above be distributed to your affiliates, members and partners as this training may be of particular interest to them and those in similar fields.

Please feel free to contact the Faculty of Engineering for further information at

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Phone number: 662-6267 or 662-2002 ext. 82170, 82171 0r

email continuing.education@sta.uwi.edu or mechanical.engineering@sta.uwi.edu


Mission: Providing a direcFaculty of Engineering ort and unified interface between The University of the West Indies and organisations in Industry as well as other sectors including Regional and International Development Agencies, so as to improve the effectiveness of the University and the Faculty in contributing to regional and national development in the Caribbean.

"Bringing Industry & the  University Closer Together"