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Since its inception, the Faculty of Engineering of The University of the West Indies (UWI) has had good relationships with the Industrial Sector, the Public Service, the Professions and the developmental Institutions. In general, however these have been developed in an ad-hoc manner, or on an individual basis, rather than on an institutional basis. External communication has not been such as to allow for the dissemination of the extensive work of the Faculty and its many achievements to be projected in the society at large. It is clear that there is a dire need to provide focus to the Faculty's Interface with the Industrial Sector. This is being done through the Engineering Institute for the Caribbean within the Faculty of Engineering.

Role of the Engineering Institute

The basic role of the Institute is to:

    • Provide a formal linkage between the Faculty and the Industrial and Engineering Services Sectors.
    • Provide a range of Continuing Education Services towards fulfillment of such needs in the development of these sectors throughout the Caribbean.
    • Provide a broad range of Technological Services as appropriate to the expertise and facilities available in the Faculty and the needs of the region.
    • Coordinate and develop the income generation capability of the Faculty.
    • Project and publicise the work of the Faculty throughout the Caribbean.
    • Foster closer University/Industry personnel Interchange.
    • Work with the Industrial Community, International Agencies, other organizations and relevant facilities in UWI and other Universities towards the upliftment of the Faculty, UWI and the society.
Structures of Implementation

In considering the structural framework for a viable Engineering Institute in a regional University setting where the professional interests of the Faculty and needs of the region are extremely broad, there was the need to explore the range and development of technologies and strategies in Research and Development which are of critical importance for the development of the region.

The main mechanism for the execution of the project and training work of the institute is through the formation of Centres which can attain critical mass in specific areas.

Eight (8) Centres have been approved to date:

    • Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Centre
    • Centre for Energy Studies
    • Centre for Environmental Studies
    • Centre for Food Technology
    • Centre for Geospatial Studies
    • Centre for Hydrocarbon Studies
    • Continuing Engineering Education Centre
    • Steelpan Development Centre

The work of the Centres is coordinated through the Institute Office, which provides the focus for the formal Interface with the Industrial sector. The function of the Engineering Institute Office is geared towards providing administrative and accounting support for the Centres. This will allow for the Centres to focus on executing the technical tasks associated with completing contractual obligations satisfactorily and in a timely manner.
The Institute Office, therefore, is essentially to act as a facilitator. The Office will also administer research, consulting and testing service requests to the Faculty in areas not covered by the Centres.

Operational Structure


Operational Structure

"Bringing Industry & the  University Closer Together"