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Welcome to the Department of Geography

The UWI STA Department of Geography strives to provide to our students the highest quality Geographical education with an emphasis on the provision of knowledge and the development of appropriate subject-based skills.
Programmes of study are currently offered at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels in Geography, and at the undergraduate level in 
Environmental and Natural Resource Management (ENRM)

Graduate Spotlight

I went to Trinity College East before attending the UWI and graduated in 2017 majoring in Geography and minoring in Environment and Natural Resource Management and Communication studies. 

I am now pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.  As a Geographer, with a passion for the environment and communications, I intend to pursue environmental journalism and photography as a career.


In her cross-disciplinary research, Melissa Atwell focuses on climate change, environmental management, agriculture, structural engineering and both human and urban geography. She aims to help develop methods for soil ecosystem valuation and prediction based on current land use trends.


Featured Article

The active 2017 hurricane season undeniably showed that disasters are becoming more frequent and intense worldwide. To increase the awareness of disasters, the United Nations recognises...

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