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1.Administration 10.Works Department - Securty & Recreation Room 100.Management Lecture Theature 101.Management 101.Management 102.Learing Resource Centre (LRC)
103.Trinity Hall 104.Health Centre 105.Psycological Research Unit (PRU) 106.Business Development Office 107.Social Sciences Computer Lab 108.Police
109.Student Administration Building 11.Works Department 110.Human Resources 111.Principal's Office 112.Personnel & Industrial Relations 112.Personnel & Industrial Relations
113.Senior Common Room 114.Archaeological Research lab 115.Guild / Student Advisory 116.Centre for Language Learing 116.Centre for Language Learing 117.Bookshop,Distance Education, SCS, Monetary Studies
118.Swimming Pool 119.Store Room 12.Works Department 12.Works Department 120.Milner Hall - Warden's Residence 121.Milner Hall
122.Milner Hall 123.Milner Hall 124.Milner Hall 125.Milner Hall 126.Milner Hall 127.Milner Hall
128.Sports Education Center 129. 13.Works Department - Carpentry Workshop 13.Works Department - Carpentry Workshop 130.Guard's Hut 131.Guard's Hut
132.Guard's Hut 133. 134.Water Tanks 135.SPEC 136.Temporary Classroom #1 (Hart Ease) 137.Social Sciences (New Building)
138.Temporary Classroom #2 (Natural Sciences) 138.Temporary Classroom #2 (Natural Sciences) 139.Lawn Tennis Complex 14.Works Department - Supervisor's Office 140. 141.Student Lecture Auditorium
141.Student Lecture Auditorium 142.Temporary Classroom #3 (Chemistry) 143.Player's Pavilion 144.Campus House 15A.Education 16.Education - Arcon (1)
16.Education - Arcon (1) 17.Education - Arcon(2) 17.Education - Arcon(2) 18.Education Library 19.Multimedia Production Center 2.Dudley Huggins
20.School of Education 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.Tissue Cuture Unit
26.Biotechnology Unit 27.Cocoa Research/Soil Science Greenhouse 28.Cocoa Research Greenhouse 29.Campus IT Services 3.Creative Arts 30.Cocoa Research Greenhouse
31.UWIDEC, SCS, TTPOST 32.Agriculture Labs, SCS,Republic Bank 32.Agriculture Labs, SCS,Republic Bank 33.CFNI 34. 35.
36. 37. 38.Store Room 39.Store Room 4.Creative Arts 40.Agriculture Extension (CARDI), Federick Hardy Bldg
40.Agriculture Extension (CARDI), Federick Hardy Bldg 41. 42.Food Production - Chemical Bulk Storage 43.Soil Science 44.Frank Stockdale 45.Food Production, Food Biology Lab
46.Cocoa Research Greenhouse 47.Plant Science Greenhouse 48.Greenhouse 49.Greenhouse 5.Works Department - Greenhouse 50.Greenhouse
51.Greenhouse 52. 53.Chemistry - Plant Room 54.Chemical Bunker 55.C1 (Chemistry) 56.C4 (Chemistry)
57.C2 (Records Centre, Gender Studies, Social Work) 58.C3 (Chemistry) 59.SALISES, LAW 6.Works Department - Shed 60.IIR 61.Natural Sciences (Life Science, Maths & Computer Science, Physics)
61.Natural Sciences (Life Science, Maths & Computer Science, Physics) 62.CARIRI 62.CARIRI 63.Electronics Workshop 64.Surveying & Land Information 64.Surveying & Land Information
65.Food Technology Lab 66. 67. 68. 69.Hazardous Chemical Store 7.Works Department - Garage
70.Systems Lab 71.Chemical Engineering Lab 71.Chemical Engineering Lab 72.Shared Computer Lab 73.Mechanical Engineering (Block 13) 74.PBX Room, Engineering Stores Engineering Workshop
75.Electrical Engineering (Block 1), Mechanical Engineering 76.Enineering Welding Shop 77.Mechanical Engineering / CAD/CAM 78.Industrial Engineering Lab, Instrumentation Lab 79.Mechanical Engineering 8.Works Department
80.Civil Engineering 80.Civil Engineering 81.Mechanical Engineering Lab 82.Sewage Treatment Plant 83. 84.Fuel Injection Store
85. 86.JFK Auditorium 87.Main Library 88.Humanities (FL 3), Social Sciences (FL 2) 88.Humanities (FL 3), Social Sciences (FL 2) 89.Cafetaria (Student Guild),Pub
9.Staff Social Club 90.Cafeteria (JFK) 91.Canada Hall - Common Room 92.Canada Hall - Warden's Residence 93.Canada Hall 93.Canada Hall
94.Canada Hall 95.Student Activity Centre 96.Canada Hall 97.New Canada Hall Common Room 98. 99.



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