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October 2015

Ministry Training

On the 26th October 2015, a training session took place with Ministry of Agriculture Extension Officers at the Extension Division in Centeno. Members of the AgriNeTT team met with Extension Officers and train them in the usage of the AgriNeTT Applications. This event was aimed at promoting the AgriNeTT applications within the Agricultural Sector where Extension Officiers can use the knowledge gained to train farmers in using the applications.

26th October, 2014

June 2015

Green Market Visit

AgriNeTT has recently been featured in the news. Newsday was on hand at the International Bio-diversity Day at the Green Market Santa Cruz to see the team in action as they introduced the applications to farmers and gave them phones, courtesy of Bmobile, for testing.

15th June, 2015

October 2014

AgriExpense Launch

The AgriNeTT team launches the AgriExpense application at the NAMDEVCO World Food Day Celebrations in the Macoya Market. See this Guardian Article for more information regarding this launch.

26th October, 2014

Caribbean farmers reap benefits of ICT

AgriNeTT has been featured in the Caribbean Life news site. The article can be found at

22nd October, 2014

Using ICT to improve Agriculture

TMC Net writes about the use of ICT in improving of the Agriculture sector specifically highlighting the AgriNeTT project. More information can be found at

21st October, 2014


An article about improving the Agriculture sector using ICT has been written by the Trinidad Express. More information can be found at

21st October, 2014

High-Tech, High Yields: Caribbean Farmers Reap Benefits of ICT

An article about AgriNeTT has been written by the Global Issues from Inter Press Services and can be found at

15th October, 2014

June 2014

T&T, region playing catch-up with Digital technology

The Guardian have recently published an article highlighting the need for new technology in the region. In this article the AgriNeTT project is highlighted as one pushing technology in the agriculture sector. See the article for more details,

9th June, 2014

Feburary 2014

AgriNeTT workshop for End Users and Developers

See this article by the Trinidad and Tobago Technology Blog at

20th Feburary, 2014

January 2014

UWI and Ministry of Food Production launch the AgriNeTT Project

The University of the West Indies and the Ministry of Food Production launch a research and development initiative called AgriNeTT aimed at the development of Information and Computing Technology for the Agriculture sector. More information can be found at

2nd January, 2014