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The AgriNeTT research and development project is geared towards infusing ICT into the agriculture sector to build a knowledge intensive agriculture economy and to drive economic growth of the agriculture sector and increase its competitiveness. The objective of the AgriNeTT project is to develop and make available to stakeholders of the agricultural sector locally developed Information and Communication Technologies systems aimed directly at improving the national agriculture sector.

Several mobile and web-based desktop applications have been built for farmers and agriculture policy makers. These include apps like AgriExpense and AgriPrice that focus on helping farmers to improve the financial management of their farm, enabling them to be more competitive locally and internationally, as well as, developing tools and systems for agriculture policy makers with reliable data sources for decision making in the agriculture sector. Other apps like AgriMaps focus on precision agriculture allowing the farmer to more precisely determine the profile of his land and which crops are best suited for the characteristics of that land. AgriDiagnose provides a decision support tool which automates the diagnosis of pests and diseases.