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AgriNeTT is an Agriculture ICT project of the St. Augustine campus of The University of the West Indies. It is funded by the UWI-Trinidad & Tobago Research and Development Impact (RDI) Fund. The AgriNeTT team is multi-disciplinary, consisting of academics from the Department of Computing & Information Technology and the Faculty of Food and Agriculture at UWI as well as persons from industry in the agriculture sector. The project is geared toward research and development on Intelligent Decision Support for Enhancing Crop Management.

The primary focus of AgriNeTT is to build Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications around Agriculture data. The approach that is being used is to capitalize on the growing global phenomenon of Open Data and Open Access and build an Agriculture Open Data Repository. This repository will house different data sets from institutions and associations, including farm level production data, commodity prices and volumes, farm land spatial data, soils, weather and pest and diseases tracking data. A prime objective in building this platform is to create a central repository for agriculture data in which the data sets can be visualized in different ways and where local developers can build applications that are useful to the national community.