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Core Research Objectives

The study focusses on the following three inter-related areas:

  1. What are the specific challenges that contemporary working populations face in meeting work and family life commitments?
  2. Is the work of the elderly in the home a critical resource in facilitating work/life balance for the working population?
  3. Is care of the elderly a strain to the attainment of work/life balance for the working population?

This project will produce findings and recommendations that are critically needed in this under-researched area in our society.  Some of the expected outcomes of this research are:

  • Empirical data on work/life balance as it relates specifically to this society which can inform employers and employees
  • Interest among employers, community and policy makers to enable policy advocacy in work, family and ageing in the gaps that currently exist in this society
  • Social attention focussed on the needs of the family as a key conversation in public dialogue
  • A new gendered analysis of ageing to the field of gerontology
  • Enhanced public awareness and positive social changes in attitudes and practices towards work/life balance and the challenges of contemporary and future ageing populations