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Dr Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma

Research Interests

The focus of Dr Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma’s research is in the area of science education at the primary and secondary school levels with specific emphasis in three (3) key areas:

  • Novel approaches in science teaching 
  • Students’ conceptions/misconceptions in science and
  • Students’ voices in the science classroom – attitudes, feelings, views and emotions.

Selected Publications

  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2018). Drama in science teaching – An example from Trinidad and Tobago. Electronic Journal of Science Teaching, 22(4), 21-34.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2018). Science teaching: Science teachers in Trinidad and Tobago share their stories, Reflective Practice, doi: 10.1080/14623943.2018.1539659.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2017). Observations from secondary school classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago: Science teachers’ use of ICTs and ICT-based activities in their lessons. Caribbean Journal of Education, 39 (1&2), 132-149.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. & Sharma, A. (2017). Using ICT-based Instructional Technologies to Teach Science: Perspectives from Teachers in Trinidad and Tobago. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 42(10), 23-35.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2017). Analogies in physics teaching: Experiences of Trinidadian physics teachers. Electronic Journal of Science Education, 21(4), 65-81.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2017). Using ICT in secondary school science teaching – What students and teachers in Trinidad and Tobago say? European Journal of Education Studies, 3 (2), 168-181. [Impact Factor: 3.7]
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2016). What students say about homework - Views from a secondary school science classroom in Trinidad and Tobago. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 41 (7), 146-157. [Impact Factor: 1.2]
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2015). Observations from secondary school classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago on science teachers’ use of analogies. Science Education International, 23 (4), 557-572. 
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2015). Awareness of and responsiveness to environmental issues: Views from secondary school students in Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Curriculum, 23, 79-97.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. & Sharma, A. (2014). A case study of what experiences contribute to the ideas of energy held by primary school students in Trinidad and Tobago. European J of Physics Education, 5 (4), 1-12.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2014). Teaching Integrated Science through the use of interactive worksheets. Caribbean Curriculum, 22, 85-103.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2014). Student perceptions on physics teaching and its impact on science subject choices in Trinidad and Tobago high Schools. Caribbean Teaching Scholar, 4(2), 123-138.

Selected Presentations

  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2019, June). Knowledge Levels and Perceptions about Renewable Energy: Revelations from Secondary School Science Students in Trinidad and Tobago. Paper presented at Canada International Conference on Education (CICE), University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, Canada.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2015, December). Presentation at World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2015) hosted by IEEE UK/RI Computer Chapter, London, UK.
  • Maharaj-Sharma, R. (2014, November). Harnessing Science and Technology to Create Knowledge-Based Economies and Preserve Caribbean Ecosystems hosted by The Caribbean Academy of Sciences (CAS), Scarborough, Tobago.

Dr. Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma at Canada International Conference on Education (CICE) 2019 with other conference participants.



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