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  • Elizabeth Ince

    Programme of Study - M.Sc. Tourism Development and Management

    Date of completion - October 2016

    "I enjoyed the camaraderie between the lecturers and the students as well as amongst the students. Also, the majority of the lecturers within the programme were experienced not only academically but practically based on time spent within the industry."

  • Tammy Williams

    Programme of Study -  Ph.D Business Administration

    Date of expected completion - September 2018

    I chose this programme because I am interested in teaching and research. I chose UWI St Augustine, as it is convenient, it allows me to be with my family and enjoy Trinidad culture, food etc. In addition, the cost at that time of enrollment was affordable. I also was very drawn to the structure of the programme then that included teaching under the supervison of Mrs. Cooper.  Mrs Cooper gave a presentation on the teaching component of the PhD programme that was interesting.

  • Denise Julien

    Programme of Study - Ph.D Business Administration (Marketing)

    Date of expected completion - January 2019

    "The Department comprises a number of experienced academics who are always willing to share information while encouraging and mentoring students."

  • Andrea Francis

    Programme of Study - Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

    Date of completion - October 2011

    "I was able to learn the key components of sport management such as communication, management, finance and human resources."

  • Camara David

    Programme of Study - Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

    Date of completion - July 2014

    "The blended learning method really helped me as a sports professional. I was able to successfully balance my work and school life."

  • Marsha Boyce

    Programme of Study - Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

    Date of Completion - July 2015

    The content of the programme was desirable in terms of the subject areas covered. Additionally, the location (Trinidad and Tobago), length and blended format (online and face-to-face) and cost all allowed me to continue to work full time while pursuing the programme. The programme was also reputable with the backing of FIFA, CIES and the University of the West Indies which I saw as the ideal environment to gain academic qualifications in the area.

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