Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the General Entrance (Matriculation) Requirements of the University as outlined. If you need to discuss your own qualifications please contact the admissions section.

Mature Student

A mature student is a person who enters the University at the age of 21 years and over, and has been out of secondary school for at least five years. Such a person should demonstrate academic potential and have gained relevant academic knowledge and work-place experience. You will be required to present with your application, full details of your career. This includes a document outlining your knowledge development, employment record, and an official academic transcript. You must also submit certificates, documents, and references. In addition, you may need to take additional tests or participate in interviews as required by the Entrance Admissions Committee of the relevant Faculty.

International and Inter-Campus Exchange (Study Abroad)

Through its collaborative links with over 60 institutions worldwide, UWI makes it possible for its students to enjoy a global educational experience. You can spend a semester or year pursuing courses for credit at a foreign university, or opt to spend the exchange period at one of UWI St Augustine ’s sister campuses at Mona, Jamaica or Cave Hill, Barbados. We also welcome overseas students wishing to access our courses either for their own interest or for credit towards the degree programme that they are following at their own universities. This helps to create a diverse and international student community and a unique UWI experience.

Specially Admitted Students

In addition to the students admitted to courses leading to degrees, the Vice Chancellor may admit to the University as specially admitted students, for limited periods, such persons as he may deem fit provided that they comply with the following regulations.

Occasional Students

If you wish to attend UWI for a period of study not leading to any degree or diploma you may seek admission as an Occasional Student. You must be recommended by the Head of Department whose lectures, tutorials and or laboratory classes you wish to attend and you will be charged a per-credit fee. Occasional students may not write examinations in the course(s) for which they are registered.



In accordance with prevailing University regulations, students required to withdraw from The University for failing to complete their degree programme within the stipulated period, or for poor performance as provided for under University GPA Regulations, may be re-admitted to the Faculty after at least one (1) year has elapsed since their withdrawal.

Students who were enrolled at The University of the West Indies and were required to withdraw, voluntarily withdrew or who have completed an academic programme, must submit an application for re-admission (online) by the stipulated deadlines.
Persons applying for re-admission to degree programmes must submit documents via the Upload Documents link located within the Online Application page of ADDITIONAL qualifications (if applicable). We encourage you to take every opportunity during the application process to demonstrate how you have become a more competitive applicant since your last application

Required to withdraw at the end of Semester 1
A student who is required to withdraw at the end of Semester 1 of an academic year would be required to apply in the normal application period, but no later than December 31 of the following academic year, for readmission in Semester 2 (January) of that academic year.

Required to withdraw at the end of Semester 2 or Summer Session
A student who is required to withdraw at the end of Semester 2 or the Summer Session of an academic year would be required to submit an application for re-admission (online or paper-based) and may be re-admitted after one (1) year has elapsed since their withdrawal.