The principal research degrees are Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). In addition, the Faculty of Medical Sciences offers the Doctor of Medicine (MD). Research Degrees involve independent study, assisted by a Supervisor, and the production of a thesis. The essential difference between the Master and Doctoral levels, apart from the length of the registration period, lies in the quality of a successful PhD thesis. This must be judged to be the result of original research, to be an addition to knowledge and to be worthy of publication either in full or in an abridged form. The award of a PhD degree also requires that a candidate defend his/her thesis at a public oral examination.

A candidate who is registered for the MPhil degree may apply, after a period of one year (Full-Time) or two years (Part-time) from the date of initial registration and at any time thereafter within a total period of three years (Full-Time) or five years (Part-Time) from the initial registration, for upgrading of his/her registration to the PhD.

Research degrees contain a taught element. The intention of these courses is to provide students with research techniques and skills that will not only help them to complete their current research topic, but strengthen their practical application skills for life after university.

We recognize the considerable personal and financial investment that students make in deciding to pursue a higher degree, therefore note that it is extremely important that the choice made suits individual needs and preferences. If you decide to pursue a research degree, it is also important that the thesis topic chosen is of genuine and sustainable interest.

Graduate Students at The University of the West Indies are asked to make themselves familiar with Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Degrees.


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