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What must I do if I need to leave campus before the end of semester?

If you wish to leave campus before the end of either semester, you must apply in writing to the Campus Principal. Letters should be routed through your Faculty Dean and sent at least three weeks before the planned date of departure. In case of an emergency you may be exempted from the three weeks’ notice.

What must I do if I need to be away from the University for more than two (2) days?
If you need to be away from campus for more than two days at a time you need to apply to the Campus Principal. All leave must be recommended by your Faculty Dean and by the Hall Warden if you are a hall resident.

What must I do if I need to be away from the University for a Semester or a Year?

All applications for leave of absence for a semester OR the academic year MUST be submitted through the Online Student Request System (OSRS) by the END OF THE THIRD WEEK OF SEMESTER I or it will not be considered.

Requests citing medical reasons must be accompanied by medical certification acceptable to the University. Requests for personal reasons or based on compassionate, financial or work-related grounds are also considered.

Responses will normally be mailed, but prior arrangements may be made with the Admissions Office for collection of same.

NOTE 1:Students who have been attending classes and then apply for Leave of Absence after the deadline date are liable for payment of full tuition fees for the semester/academic year, whether they sit examinations or not.

NOTE 2: Leave of Absence grants a student permission to be away from classes and from writing examinations. A student cannot, therefore, be on approved Leave of Absence and at the same time benefit from examination results for that period.

NOTE 3: Leave of absence will not be granted for more than two (2) consecutive academic years.

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