Financial Information

Upon completion of the Undergraduate online application process, a NON-REFUNDABLE application processing fee is required. The application processing fee must be paid as follows:
1.    Trinidad and Tobago Nationals: TT $90.00
2.    Residents of Common Wealth Caribbean Countries: US $30.00
3.    International applicants: US $30.00

Please select ONE of the following methods of payment:
     I.        Credit Card (Visa and Master Card only). (click here)
    II.        Pay at the bank using Application Processing Fee Payment Form
   III.        Bank Draft /Cheque made payable to “The University of the West Indies”.
   IV.        Pay using the Payment Slip available at any branch of Republic Bank.


1.   Click here to visit the website and follow the step by step instructions for online payment.

2.   Enter your email address

3.   Click on Continue Unregistered link. (DO NOT ENTER any information under Registered Users)

4.   You will receive a confirmation email, when the payment has been processed.

5.    Save/Print confirmation email.

6.   If you do not receive an email your transaction was not successful. (Do not attempt to make the payment more than once.) For further assistance please contact the UWI Bursary at 1 868 662-2002 Ext. 82138 or

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure the security of your personal information, The UWI St. Augustine Campus has introduced the e-Courier Secure File Transfer Facility to allow applicants to The UWI St. Augustine to submit their required documents online.
Please be guided by the following instruction for undergraduate applicants:

  1. All required supporting documents must be uploaded via the Upload Document link located within the Online Application page as follows:
    • Supporting documents to be submitted in PDF format ONLY. Documents must be uploaded as a single PDF file.
    • Supporting documents submitted (except undergraduate confirmation and payment receipts) must be certified i.e. copy of original stamped and signed as a true copy of the original. Documents can be certified by a Notary Public OR Commissioner of Affidavit OR Justice of the Peace OR School Principal/Vice-Principal.
  2. The description Line in e-Courier must be filled in with the following information:
    • Web ID or UWI ID (if past student, student ID required)
    • Applicant’s full name (first name, last/surname)
    • Programme(s) choices
  3. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email from the e-Courier application on submission of supporting documents.
  4. Applicants can submit additional supporting documents (if applicable) via the track application link: using the login ID and PIN created to complete the application.



1.   Print the Application Processing Fee Payment Form

2.   Cut the form along the dotted lines. You would now have three (3) copies of the Application Processing Fee Payment Form.

3.   Complete ALL three (3) copies of the Application Processing Fee Payment Form.

4.   Submit the completed forms and payment to any branch of Republic Bank.

5.   Ensure the teller returns two stamped/signed copies of the form to you.

6.   Submit the Application Processing Fee Payment Form and ALL other required supporting documents via the Upload Documents link located within the Online Application page 


Tuition and Fees

Click here for detailed information on fees applicable to programmes at the St. Augustine Campus .Please note that tuition fees are subject to change and that the University reserves the right to increase tuition fees during your programme of study.

GATE Funding continues to be available for some of our undergraduate programmes. See for all details and learn about registering for GATE as a UWI student.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Awards are made primarily on academic merit but some bursaries are based on financial need. These potential sources of income help to supplement your own resources.

Find out more about the Scholarships and Bursaries you can apply for as a prospective or current UWI student.

Find out more about the University Open Scholarship


Student Payment Plan

The Student Payment Plan is available to the following:

Any National of Trinidad and Tobago pursuing either Undergraduate or Postgraduate programmes at UWI, St. Augustine Campus.

Any national of another contributing territory apart from Trinidad and Tobago who is not on scholarship support from their respective Government.


Once accepted for the SPP, students are required to make payments in line with stipulated deadline dates below:


Payment Plan

Semester 1

Semester 2

Summer Session

1st Installment (down payment)

Last working day August

Last working day January

Last working day May

2nd installment

Last working day September

Last working day February

Last working day June

3rd installment

Last working day October

Last working day March



For further details on the SPP, please click here



Government Assistance For Tuition Expenses (GATE)

The Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) Programme provides financial assistance to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, who are pursuing GATE-approved tertiary level programmes at local and regional public and private Tertiary Level Institutions (TLIs). The GATE Programme is administered by the Funding and Grants Administration Division (FGAD) of the Ministry of Education – Tertiary Education Division. Learn more at

GATE Funding continues to be available for some of our undergraduate programmes. See for all details and learn about registering for GATE as a UWI student.


Work / Study Programme

Registered students may seek employment in various departments of the University, for e.g. the Bookshop, Library, Administration and so on. Such employment is limited to a few hours per week.

You must register with Division of Student Services and Development to participate in this programme.