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How can I know/track the status of my application online?

Track the progress of your application at any time using our website.  Start at the webpage  Login using the Login ID and PIN you created. On the Applicant Menu Page, scroll down to the Submitted Applications Section. CLICK the link displayed in Admission Term of the application you wish to track. 

Please allow 3 weeks for your application to be entered in the system.


How do I check my admission status?
To do this you will need to log into our website at  You will need to have your Login ID and PIN in order to log in.

What is my Login ID?

  1. I applied online through website

Your Login ID is your self-created Login ID

What is my PIN number?

  1. I applied online through website

            Your PIN is your self-created PIN.


How long does it take for a decision to be made on an application?
The Admissions Office tries to process your application as quickly as possible. 

Applications are sent to the respective Faculty Entrance Committee on Admissions for consideration in the order in which they are completed, but decisions are not necessarily made in the order in which applications are first reviewed.  Some applicants may receive a decision fairly quickly based on the overall and relative strength of the application.

A holistic approach to the review of applications requires an extraordinary amount of care, and thus a significant amount of time.

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