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How Do I get my Grades?
You may access your grades through our student information access system, the Student Web Portal at using your University Student Identification Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). 

Once in the Student Web Portal you can view your grades by term or access an unofficial transcript which shows your grades for all the terms enrolled.


Can I transfer/carry forward coursework marks for a failed/incomplete course?
Yes.  In accordance with prescribed faculty regulations, where a student may have failed a course(s), or not written final examination in a course(s), he/she may request permission to transfer or carry forward coursework marks obtained in the respective course(s) when the course is repeated within one academic year.

If I have missed writing the mid-term or coursework exam for a course(s) for medical reasons, can I still write the final examination in that course(s)?  How will my final exam be graded?

Yes. In accordance with prescribed Faculty Regulations. Kindly consult your Faculty Regulations and Syllabuses and speak to your academic advisor.

Can I repeat a course which I already passed, but wish to obtain a better grade?
No.  A candidate who has recorded a pass in a course will not be permitted to re-register for that course.

Can I write Examinations Only (Exams Only) in a course?

A student may seek permission to write “EXAMS ONLY” in the following circumstances, after having been registered for and attended classes in a course(s):-

  1. He/she has failed one or two of the final courses needed to complete   degree/certificate/diploma requirements and obtained a mark as prescribed by the respective faculty regulations.
  1. He/she has obtained a medical excuse, certified by the UWI Medical Officer, for not having attempted an exam;


  1. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may grant a student deferral from sitting exam and permission to take it on a subsequent occasion, by virtue of special assignments overseas for an employer (Part-Time and Evening students only) or by virtue of being selected to represent the country on a national team. In both instances, formal representation will have to be made by the employer/national association.


If permission is granted, you will be advised in writing by the Student Affairs (Admissions) Office and will be required to pay the requisite per credit fee in accordance with published
Undergraduate Financial Information.

Note: Exams only will be marked out of 100%.

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