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How do I get my UWI student ID?

UWI ID Card Photo Upload Application

Student Guidelines
The UWI ID photo upload application allows new incoming students to submit their photo online which will be printed on the UWI ID Card.

To submit photo online and receive UWI ID Card the student would be required to following the steps below:

  • Have someone take your picture.

For more details and instructions on the criteria of acceptable photos, please visit

  • Complete your online course selection to receive e-mail with login credentials.

When you have completed your online course selection, you will receive an e-mail via your personal e-mail address with the information and login credentials to the UWI ID Card Photo Upload Application.

  • Upload your photo.


Login to the UWI ID Card Photo Upload Application with the credentials received and upload your photo via the application.

  • Your photo will be validated.


Your photo will be reviewed to determine whether it is appropriate to be printed on the UWI ID Card. If your photo has been approved, you will be notified of the location, date and time to collect your UWI ID Card. If your photo has been rejected, you will be required to resubmit a new photo. Please check your e-mail regularly to ensure you receive the notification to resubmit another photo in a timely manner.

  • Collect your UWI ID Card.


You are required to collect your UWI ID Card in person. At that time, your identity and photo will be  ID Card Office staff. You must bring at least one (1) current government-issued, national photo ID e.g. a passport, driver’s license or national identification card which has not expired, in order to collect your card. Failure to present a current government-issued, national photo ID will prevent you from collecting your UWI ID Card.


  • Swipe your UWI ID Card to make it active.

All Students must swipe their UWI ID Card at a validation station to ensure they have received a valid and functional UWI ID Card. Failure to do so, will result in the card not being activated and will require the student to return to the ID Card Office to activate their card.

For further information, contact us at or call 662-2002 Ext. 83120 or visit


•      If you received financial clearance your UWI Student ID Card is automatically revalidated
•     If your previous UWI ID Card has not been replaced with the new smartcard ID card, you must obtain a new UWI ID Card. Please produce the old ID Card to the ID Card Office for immediate replacement.

NOTE:  ALL Students must:

  • obtain financial clearance in order to obtain a UWI Student ID.
  • produce picture identification (i.e. valid passport or National ID card) to collect your UWI Student ID/Smart card.


If I have lost my UWI ID what should I do? How can I obtain a new ID?

First, a replacement ID card fee of TT$180.00 must be paid to Cashier, Bursary Ground Floor, The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building and the receipt presented to the, Daaga Lecture Room 1 (Ground Floor) for the issue of a replacement card.

Please visit for additional ID card information.

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