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How are my fees assessed?

The University of the West Indies has a credit base fee structure for undergraduate programmes which will offer students the advantage and flexibility of being able to pay in accordance with the number of credits chosen.

Students registered for 24 or more credits for the academic year are classified as full time.
Those registered for less than 24 credits are classified as part time.

Tuition fees for nationals of contributing countries sponsored by their governments have been calculated at 20% of the economic cost. Contributing governments pay the remaining 80% of the economic cost on behalf of each sponsored student. Fees for students from contributing countries, not sponsored by their governments, who are admitted under the quota, have been calculated at 33.3% of the economic cost.

With the exception of students from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica, students from countries contributing to the University would be allowed to pay the lower fee.
These students must also provide a letter of sponsorship for economic cost from their respective governments.

*Contributing Countries
British Virgin Islands         
Cayman Islands                   
St. Kitts/Nevis                      
St. Lucia                                
St. Vincent                
Trinidad & Tobago             
Turks & Caicos


Non-Contributing Association of Caribbean States (ACS) Countries
Costa Rica                            
Dominican Republic                       
El Salvador
French Guiana         
Netherlands Antilles

If you have reviewed the above information and are unsure which fee category you are in, you may wish to contact the Student Accounts Section, at telephone 1 868 662 2002 Ext. 83382/ 82143 for assistance.

What fees do I have to pay in order to register?
You are responsible for tuition fees and compulsory fees. If you will be living in a University Hall of Residence, then the Halls of Residence fees must also be paid

Consult our website at


When is the deadline to pay fees? Do I pay all at once?
You are advised to pay your fees before registration week and keep the receipt safely until registration. 

All Tuition and Hall Fees will be due and payable at the start of each Semester/Summer session.  All Compulsory fees are due in full at the beginning of the academic year.

Financial information is available on our website at


Where do I pay and what methods of payment are accepted?
Pay fees at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd. using the bank deposit slip.
Ensure that:

  • Your name, address and UWI student ID number are entered on the bank deposit slip.
  • The bank teller returns 2 copies of the deposit slip to you.

Using the UWI Online Payment System (Master of Visa credit card ONLY)

For Online Payment ensure that:

  •  You Print a copy of your online payment receipt (proof of payment).

Who is eligible for the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE)?

  • GATE can be accessed by citizens of Trinidad and Tobago pursuing higher education.
  • Citizens must provide proof that they have been resident in Trinidad & Tobago for at least three (3) years prior to submitting an application. GATE is applicable for study within Trinidad and Tobago and at the campuses of The University of the West Indies in Cave Hill, Barbados; Mona, Jamaica; and the Bahamas Hotel Institute.

Please refer to the GATE website for updated information.

Is it possible for GATE funding to expire?
Yes it is possible for GATE funding to expire. The GATE Policy of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, states that, effective January 2012, “GATE no longer covers students whose cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) is below 1.0.” A student will also not be granted access to GATE funding for any period in excess of the standard duration except where official leave of absence has been granted.

As a citizen of Trinidad & Tobago, what fees are payable to the University on registration?
As an undergraduate student, the compulsory fees must be paid and a GATE form must be completed. 


DOES UWI Offer a Payment Plan for students?

Beginning the academic year 2017/2018 The UWI St. Augustine Campus introduced a Student Payment Plan (SPP) administered by the Students & Receivables Section, Bursary. 

The SPP allows students the option to pay tuition fees (ONLY) in three (3) monthly installments per semester, rather than in one lump sum.

Students who do not wish to access the SPP can make payments in full.


Who can access the Student Payment Plan (SPP)?
The plan is available to the following students ONLY:

  • Any national of Trinidad and Tobago pursuing either Undergraduate or Postgraduate programmes at UWI, St. Augustine Campus.
  • Any national of another contributing territory apart from Trinidad and Tobago who is not on scholarship support from their respective Government.


  • For a student to be eligible for the payment plan, the tuition fees payable by the student for the semester must be at least TT$2,600.00.
  • Students must be registered and have their accounts in good standing (all prior term balances must be paid in full before applying for the current semester’s payment plan.
  • A new application is required for each semester in which the student wishes to participate in the SPP.  ONLY the tuition fees payable by the student for the semester in which the application is made can be paid in that semester.  For example, only Semester 1 ca be paid in three (3) instalments- August-September and October.

Is there an option to cover compulsory fees with the SPP?

No.  Compulsory fees are to be paid in full at the beginning of each academic year

            *Compulsory fees include:  Guild Fee; ID Card, Caution Money, students Group Health Plan, Personal Accident Insurance and Student Amenities fee.


What is the period during which students can access the SPP?
Students can access the SPP during the registration period for each semester in accordance with the registration published in the UWI academic calendar e.g. Semester 1: mid-August-mid September; Semester 2:mid-January to mid-February) and Summer Session: mid-May to mid-June).

How are tuition fee payments made under the Student Payment Plan (SPP)?

Students are required to make three (3) monthly instalments in line with stipulated deadline dates below





1st instalment (down payment)

Last working day August

Last working day January

Last working date May

2nd instalment

October 16, 2020

Last working day February

Last working day June

3rd instalment

November 13, 2020

Last working day March


NOTE:  It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their accounts and instalment amount and make payments by the requisite deadlines to avoid penalties.


Are there any penalties for non-payment of fees?

  • For a New First-time student or re-entry student:  de-registration
  • For a Continuing student:  Automatic placement on compulsory leave of absence (CL).

How can students access the Student Payment Plan (SPP)?
Students must submit proof of payment of the first instalment (1/3 of tuition fee amount) when submitting documents to obtain financial clearance.

Obtaining financial clearance is one of the steps in the registration process every semester.  Learn more at

What documents must be submitted in order to obtain financial clearance?
The following documents must be submitted for financial clearance:

  • Signed registration fee assessment invoice
  • Signed student copy of eGATE application (Trinidad & Tobago Citizens ONLY)
  • Proof of payment of compulsory, hall and **tuition fee, this includes online receipt (for payment made online). Economic cost letter (if applicable); Approved staff waiver form (if applicable); Student bank deposit slip (for payments made at the Bank); Scholarship letter (if applicable); Sponsorship letter (if applicable) and any other proof of funding.

** For tuition fee payment under the SPP this indicates proof of payment of at least the first instalment 1/3 of tuition fee).

How do I check for financial clearance?
Check on-line for FINANCIAL CLEARANCE – After 24 hours of submission of your registration documents to the Student Accounts representative at The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building by logging on to the secure area of the UWI website at Select “registration Map and Guide’ and select ‘Check Financial Clearance’.

Can I obtain a refund of Caution Money if I withdraw from the University?
Yes, caution money will be refunded on submission of the completed refund of caution money form with student ID to the Customer Service Representative, The Lloyd Braithwaite Student Administration Building.

Where a student has paid fees and officially withdraws from the University, or has applied for leave of absence within three (3) weeks of the start of Semester I, then five-sixth (5/6) of the tuition fees paid for Semester I, in addition to full tuition fees paid for Semester II, would be refunded.

NOTE: Guild and ID card fees are not refundable.

How do I apply for a refund of caution money?

  1. Download and complete an Application for Refund of Caution Money Form using link provided:-
  2. Email form to your Department/ lab technician and/or the Dean’s office in which you were registered for signature. See email addresses below:

Clearances required by Faculty


Department /Lab clearance

Dean’s Office

Medical Sciences






Social Sciences



Humanities and Education






Food and Agriculture



Science and Technology






Please note the following email contacts for sending your correspondence.


Email Address

Social Sciences/ Arthur Lok Jack GSB




Food & Agriculture

FFA Dean’s Office


Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

Department of Food


Department of Geography or


Science & Technology

Dept. of Chemistry

Dept. of Computing & Information Technology    
Dept. of Life Sciences               

Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics              
Dept. of Physics                                      
 FST  Dean’s Office                          




Medical Sciences

 FMS- Dean’s office

Department of Clinical Medical Sciences

Clinical Medical Sciences - PG programs

Department of Clinical Surgical Sciences

Clinical Surgical Sciences - PG programs

Department of Clinical Surgical Sciences

BSc Optometry

Department of Para-Clinical Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences - PG programs

Department of Pre-Clinical Sciences

Pre-Clinical Sciences - PG programs

Office of the Dean

Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery

School of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Surgery

School of Pharmacy

BSc Pharmacy

School of Veterinary Medicine

UG & PG programs

UWI School of Nursing

UG & PG programs



*You will receive Library clearance via email within 4 working days

Note: The Caution Money is refundable only when the student is leaving The University and will be returned at that time after any outstanding liability to The University has been deducted. Caution money is normally refunded three (3) months after submission of the completed form and confirmation of completion of your course/programme or withdrawal from The University.


If I have submitted my Application for REFUND OF CAUTION Money form when will refund cheques be available?

Caution money is not normally refunded until three (3) months after completion of your course or withdrawal from The University.

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