Keynote Address

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Conservation: A Multidisciplinary approach - Prof. Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

Session 1 - Ecosystems and Ecotourism

1. The Contribution of Marine Turtles to the Provision of Ecosystem Goods and Services in Marine Ecosystems of the Caribbean Sea - Sonja S. Teelucksingh, Scott Eckert, Paulo A.L.D. Nunes.

2. Development of Leatherback Ecotourism Based Initiatives in St. Kitts, West Indies. -
Kimberly M. Stewart and Andrew J. Nibblett.

3. Turtle Conservation, ecotourism and sustainable community development: the role of International law in turtle conservation.- Bibian Isoto

4. The Effects of Seasonal Beach Dynamics on the Nests of Dermochelys Coriacea at Matura and Grand Riviere. - Alana Kezia Joseph and Paul Shaw.

5. Tourism development in Christian and Langaman Kondre in Suriname: Criteria for evaluating success. - Marie-Louise Felix.

Session 2 - Climate Change

1. Climate change and sustainable turtle conservation. - Anthony Ramnarine

2. Impacts of Climate Change in Small Communities. - Charmaine Gomes
3. A clear and present danger to the Caribbean: Climate Change or Climate Alarmism? - Reynold Stone

4. The effects of climate change on the leatherback turtle. - Julia C Parris, Asha Murphy, Danielle Rousseau and Ria Rodriguez


Session 3 - Position Paper on Sea Turtle Conservation in Trinidad & Tobago Turtle Village Trust.


Session 4 - Sea Turtle Conservation and Sustainable Community Development.

1. Caura Valley Green Project. - Vernon Baptiste and Shango Alamu

2. Tourism, Turtles and the Dutch Disease in Trinidad & Tobago. - Roger Hosein and Martin Franklin.

3. The distribution, abundance and value of hawksbill and green turtles foraging on the reefs around Tobago, W.I. - Michelle Cazabon-Mannette

4. Community Assessment of Matura: Towards an Integrated Sustainable Rural Community Tourism Approach. - Joanna Moses-Wothke, Jason Radix, Vernlyn Ross and Renee C. Deane.


Keynote Address
Neo-tropical Animals and Agro- tourism: A Trinidad and Tobago Opportunity.
Dr. Gary Garcia


Session 5 - Community-based Ecotourism and Sustainable Community Development

1. Does entrepreneurship help or hinder the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy? - Thérèse Baptiste-Cornelis and Tenisha Brown

2. Whether Community-Based Ecotourism is a Sustainable Development driver: the Case of Surama, Guyana. - Paulette Bynoe

3. Integrating ICTs into ecotourism and sustainable community development. - Martin G. Franklin and Roger Hosein.

4. A new tourism policy in the French West Indies: from the end of the tourist resort of mass tourism towards a new policy for sustainable tourism and ecotourism - Olivier Dehoorne and Dominique Augier.

5. Neo-tropical Animals and Agro-tourism: A Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Opportunity -

Gary Wayne Garcia

Session 6 - Round table discussion on Community-based Ecotourism, Community Development and Sea Turtle Conservation.

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Session 7 - Draft National Tourism and Ecotourism Policy for Trinidad & Tobago.

Draft National Tourism Policy for Trinidad & Tobago


Working sessions on thematic groups

Facilitators: Working Group 1

Tanya Clovis and Sea Turtle Conservation Models and Dennis Sammy Research Strategies in Sea Turtle Conservation.

Facilitators: Working Group 2

Allan Bachan and Community Based Ecotourism, Courtney Rooks Community Development and sustainable tourism policy development.

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