Feature Presenter

Mr. Ewart Williams – Former Governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago  

Session 1: Macroeconomic  Environment

Professor Compton Bourne  – The Caribbean Macroeconomic Environment in the context of the Global Economic Crisis

Dr. Gene Leon  – Development Imperatives for Small Open  Economies in a Changing Environment

Dr. Anthony Birchwood Practical Ways to Build Resilience in Small States


Session 2: Resource & Environmental Economics Issues (Disaster Preparedness)

Professor Karl Theodore, Tishana Simon and Haleema Ali Economic Implications of Farmers’ Perceptions of Climate Change and Adaptation Response in Trinidad and Tobago: A 50-year Perspective

Marlene Murray and Patrick Kent WatsonStorm and Hurricane Vulnerability: Implications of Sociological Factors for Mitigation in the Rural Communities of Trinidad

Mr. Cecil Charles  – Assessing the ecological and economic sustainability Of tourism in Saint Lucia via  The ecological footprint and tourism multipliers

ARMCHAIR DISCUSSION 1: Education and Workforce Development

Dr. Ralph Henry, Dr. Nicole Smith, Mr. Peter Mitchell, Mr. Keith Thomas, Mr. Ozzie Warrick

Session 3: Petroleum and the Downstream Sector

Mrs. Valerie Mercer-BlackmanTransitioning the Tax System to Take Advantage of the Natural Gas-Rich Economy

Mr. Allan Russell and Mr. Rajesh Bududass T&T’s Petroleum Industry Sector: The Next 50 years

Dr. Lorraine Sobers - Repeating History: The Potential for Carbon Dioxide based Industries in Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Roger Hosein - Petroleum and the Downstream Sector


Session 4:  Trade & ICT

Dr. Eric Lambourdiere and Dr. Christopher Savage - Global supply chains, logistics clusters and economics growth: what could it mean to Caribbean territories?

Roger Hosein and Ranita SeecharanMarginal Intra-Industry Trade: The Case of bilateral trade between Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and St. Lucia

Mr. Nesham Singh - TTBizLink - Business Made Easy

Mr. Winston O'Young - Trade & ICT: A Services View

Session 5: Regulatory Economics

Mr. Errol Cupid – From Public Utilities Commission (PUC) To Regulated Industries Commission (RIC).

Mr. Glen Khan  – A Retrospective the RIC 2001 - 2011

Mrs. Christine Sahadeo - The role of A Revenue Authority in building resilience  through Innovation - A Case for Trinidad and Tobago


ARMCHAIR DISCUSSION 2: Civil Society and Social Economics- Transformation for Development  

Mr. Gregory McGuire, Ms. Sunity Maharaj, Dr.. Asha Kambon, Mr. Marli Cease



COTE 2012: The Rapporteurs Report