The extractive sector plays an important role in the global economic landscape, by contributing significantly to GDP of their host countries. Thus these industries can contribute to the sustainable development of a community and to the wider economy when the interventions are implemented, taking into consideration the rights of the people most affected.


It is within this context that the Trade and Economic Development Unit (TEDU) of the Department of Economics, UWI, St. Augustine is hosting the conference "Achieving Sustainability in Regions with Extractive Industries" on June 14th 2013 at Paria Suites, South Trunk Rd, La Romaine. The conference seeks to examine the following thematic areas:

  •  Economics of Regions with Extractive Industries 
  • Governance Issues in Regions with Extractive Industries 
  • Managing Multi-stakeholder Development In Regions with Extractive Industries 
  • Local Content and Development in Regions with Extractive Industries  
  • Macroeconomic Challenges: Linking Extractive Industries to the Wider Economy 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Regions with Extractive Industries
  • Economic Diversification In Regions with Extractive Industries
  • The Role of Civil Society in Regions with Extractive Industries

Conference News