IACA 2005 Conference Programme - FINAL
Trinidad and Tobago nominated to host the 2005 IACA Conference  

At the International Congress for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA) held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic between the June 29th and July 4th, 2003, Trinidad and Tobago was unanimously nominated to be host to the 2005 IACA conference. The conference will be hosted between July 24 and 30, 2005 by the Department of History in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, and will be held in the University's Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Auditorium.

Founded in 1961, the International Association for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA), has since its inception sought to actively promote regionally based archaeological research and international academic interaction in the field of Caribbean archaeology. Among the principal interests of IACA are Caribbean prehistoric and historic period archaeology, terrestrial and marine archaeology, public education in archaeology, the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, the ethics of archaeological inquiry and the protection of sites and cultural objects of the past. Invariably attended by between 200 and 250 delegatesfrom the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Latin America, IACA biennial conferences, are held in Caribbean countries nominated by both the IACA Board and membership

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Conference Programme details will be made available shortly.

There has always been an intense competition among Caribbean countries to host these conferences because:

1. IACA provides an opportunity for the archaeological heritage of the host country to be effectively showcased to both regional and international audiences.

2. IACA enables the host country to establish a several academic and professional linkages with archaeologists and heritage managers on both a regional and international scale.

3. Local tourism in the host country may be boosted by the fact that (a) considerable regional and international media exposure is usually associated with IACA conferences and (b) foreign delegates and their families sometimes make repeat recreational visits to
the host country.

Trinidad and Tobago, given its rich archaeological heritage is an ideal venue for the 2005 International Congress for Caribbean archaeology with over 280 sites being identified in the Twin Island Republic.
The University of the West Indies currently has a developing archaeology programme headed by
Dr. Basil Reid with over 60 students enrolled in the archaeology courses offered by the Department of History.

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