The University of the West Indies signs renewed Academic Software Licence agreement of the IPM software suite with Petroleum Experts Limited.
(Article) Posted WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2023
Petroleum Experts Limited (Petex) of Edinburgh, Scotland - has donated ten (10) educational licences to their Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) software suite to The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. Students of the Department of Chemical Engineering will benefit directly from the licenses donated which will allow them to become industry-ready and equipped for careers in the oil and gas industry. IPM will be used by students of The UWI mainly for Petroleum Engineering applications in Wellbore Modelling, Production Planning, History Matching with Aquifers, and Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Optimising. Capitalising on this experience ensures that graduates of the Master of Science (MSc) in Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Management, Reservoir Engineering, and Chemical & Process Engineering programmes are ready to hit the ground running upon graduating. IPM will be used extensively throughout the academic year in the Final Project, Production Engineering, Advanced Reservoir/Reservoir Engineering and other simulation related courses within the department.
The IPM software suite has a commercial value of GBP 3,360,244.63.
About the Company and Donated Software
Petroleum Experts (Petex) started in business in 1990. All members of the team have been involved in the development of software engineering products, as well as having extensive experience in petroleum engineering. The corporate strategy developed from this experience and a long-term business outlook were fundamental to the prompt success of the company. Petex has over four hundred and twety (420) clients worldwide and their IPM software suite is currently used by more than three hundred and fifty (350) international oil and gas companies. IPM was recently updated to Windows 64-bit and is now more efficient and can capture the physics, geology, engineering and fluid thermodynamics needed to model oil and/or gas production systems. This includes modelling reservoirs, wells and surface networks to allow for optimization of production for existing oil and gas fields, and to assist with the system design of new fields. The tools can be run together seamlessly, allowing the engineer to design complete field models to include the reservoir tanks, all the wells and the surface gathering system. With the reservoir, wells and complete surface systems model completed and the production history matched, the production system can be optimised and production forecasts can be carried out.
The tools provided in the IPM software suite through the educational license agreement includes:
  1. GAP (MULTIPHASE NETWORK MODELLING AND OPTIMISATION) - a multiphase oil and gas optimiser which models the surface gathering pipeline network of field production systems. GAP dynamically integrates the reservoir model (MBAL) and well models (PROSPER).
  2. PROSPER (MULTIPHASE WELL AND PIPELINE NODAL ANALYSIS) - a design and optimisation programme for modelling most types of oil and gas well configurations.
  3. MBAL (ANALYTICAL RESERVOIR ENGINEERING TOOLKIT) - an analytical reservoir tool commonly used for modelling the fluid dynamic reservoir effects - material balance.
  4. PVTp (THERMODYNAMICS FLUID CHARACTERISATION PACKAGE) - a programme to predict the effect of process conditions on the composition of hydrocarbon mixtures - fluid characterisation.
  5. REVEAL (SIMULATOR FOR SPECIALISED RESERVOIR STUDIES) - aptly designed to study specialised reservoir effects and assess their impact on the injection, production and enhanced oil recovery from the reservoir, capturing the thermal, rock mechanics and chemistry.
  6. RESOLVE (ADVANCED INTEGRATION A VENDOR NEUTRAL SOLUTION FORMULATION PLATFORM) - the field engineering development tool that manages and controls the IPM suite, reservoir simulators and process simulators to vigorously model, optimise and provide production forecasts of field operating scenarios. RESOLVE enables coupling of most major industry reservoirs, process and economics simulation models to better evaluate and operate oil and gas fields.
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The Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago would like to publicly acknowledge this donation and extend thanks to Petroleum Experts for their outstanding generosity.
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