Head of Department


Dr Raffie Hosein 
Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering
Coordinator of the MSc Reservoir Engineering Program


Administrative Team

Ms June Bradshaw
Administrative Assistant (Ag.)

Mrs. Natalie Thomas-Chance
Departmental Secretary
Ext; 82196/82169

Mrs. Gabriella Yates-Lopez
Clerical Assistant
(Chemical and Process Engineering)

Ext: 82190/83412

Ms. Genevieve Noel
Clerical Assistant
(Food Science and Technology)

Ext: 82190/83412

(To be Announced)
Clerical Assistant
(Petroleum Studies Unit)



 Technical Team

Mr Larry Bachansingh
Chief Engineering Technician

Camejo, Karen
Senior Research Technician

Lim Choy, Allan
Engineering Technician

Turnbull-Fortune, Susan
Engineering Technician

Moonsie, Moses
Engineering Technician



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