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Dean's Office


Professor Edwin Ikenna Ekwue
BEng (Nigeria), MSc, PhD (Cranfield), MASABE, MNSAE
Programme Coordinator - BSc in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Bio-systems
Ext: 82198/82199


Undergraduate Student Affairs

Griffith-Charles, Charisse
BSc, Mphil (UWI), PhD (University of Florida), Cert. Ed.(UBC) MISTT, FRICS, TTLS 
(Cadastral Systems Surveying, Cartography, Land Administration) 
Ext: 82061/82520 

Research & Postgraduate Student Affairs

Professor Chowdary, Boppana V.
BTech (Nagarjuna), MTech, PhD (IIT Delhi)
Programme Coordinator for B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering 
Programme Coordinator for MSc. in Manufacturing Engineering and Management
(Product Design and Development, Manufacturing Technology, CAD/CAM, Manufacturing Systems)
Ext: 83185/83149

Physical Facilities & Administrative, Technical and Service Staff
Mwasha, Abrahams
BSc, MSc (Kharkov), PhD (Wolverhampton)
(Structural Engineering)
Ext: 83434/82058

Enterprise Development & Outreach
BSc (Nat. Sci.), MPhil (Agri. Eng.), PhD (Agri. Eng.) (UWI)
(Food Process Engineering, Food Dehydration, Postharvest Technology) 
Ext: 84434

Engineering Institute Manager
Navneet Boodhai
Ext: 82175


Administrative Officer
Ms. Charmain Subero-Salandy
Ext: 82059


Assistant to the Administrative Officer
Ms. Tianna Lewis

Senior Administrative Assistant
(Research & Postgraduate Student Matters)
Mrs. Marlene Fletcher-Cockburn
Ext: 82065

Administrative Assistant
(Human Resources)
Mrs. Nicole Holder-Purcell
Ext: 82200

Senior Administrative Assistant
Enterprise Development & Outreach
Mrs. Marlene Fletcher-Cockburn
Ext: 83919

Senior Administrative Assistant
(Project Management Programme)
Ms. Oneze Caruth
Ext: 83838

Secretary to Dean
Mrs. Nikeisha Plato-Robinson
Ext: 82198/82199

Secretary to Deputy Deans
Ms. Sunita Khoon Khoon
Ext: 83396

Clerical Assistant (Dean Office)
Ms. Megan Alexander (Temp)
Ext. : 883637. 

Clerical Assistant
Ms. Nikeisha James
Ext: 83637

Clerical Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth Mohammed
Ext: 83162


Workshop Engineer
Mr. Dayanand Powdhar
Ext: 83485

Purchasing Officer
Mr. Ronald Ramlogan
Ext: 82509


Manager, Systems Lab
Mrs. Paula John
Ext: 82375/82370

Clerical Assistant, Systems Laboratory
Mrs. Candice Nicholls-Jones
Ext: 82370


Facilities Managememt amd Planning Engineer
Mr. Adedotun J Akingbala
Exts. 83409/825508

Secretary, Classroom Technology Support Unit
Mrs. Carol-Ann Persad-Ramlogan
Exts. 84443/83397/83409


Lecturer in Engineering Mathematics
Dr. Neil Ramsamooj
BSc (UWI), MA (Wisconsin-Madison), MA (Auburn), PhD (Wisconsin-Madison)
(Abstract Algebra, Topology, Combinatorial Maths, Applied Mathematics)
Office of the Dean
Ext: 83911

MSc Project Management Programme
Ellis, Ruel
Programme Coordinator, Project Management Programme
BSc (Eng)(UWI), MSc (Brunel), PhD (UWI) MIEEE, Snr. MIIE, MASEE
Ext: 83169

Part -Time Lecturers

Professor Winston H. E.Suite
BSc (Sp Physics), BSc (Eng), MSc, PhD (UWI), FAPETT, MASCE
Emeritus Professor, Part-time Lecturer, Project Management Programme 
(Construction Engineering & Management, Project Management)
Ext: 83149

Burgess, Kenrick
BSc (Hons) (UWI), MBA (Brunel), DipCon. Eng. & Man, DipPA (UWI), DipMan (UK), MA
(Project Management)
Ext: 83838

Jantzen, Manfred
BA and PhD (Economic History/Economics), University of Wisconsin, USA, Associate Professor of Management, Loyola University of Chicago, USA., Senior Advisor, Senior
Lecturer currently attached to the Principles Office, Business Development etc. Leadership and Strategic Management Consultant for more than 20 years
Ext: 83838

Lau, Stanley
BSc (Eng) (UWI), MEng (Cornell), MSc (Accounting) (UWI), CSE, MAPETT, MIEEE
(Industrial Management, Engineering Economics & Finance) Part-time Lecturer, Project Managament Programme 
Ext: 83838

Outridge, Derek
BSc, GDL(LPE), LPC, MPhil, MRICS, ACIarb, FQSc, Pmp
(Quantity Surveying & Cost Engineering and Management, Project Management Professional) Ext. 83436

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