Postgraduate Office



             Dr. Chris Maharaj, Deputy Dean, Postgraduate Affairs

Graduate Programmes

Current Research activities and Short Courses offered in the Faculty

The West Indian Journal of Engineering contains many research papers from our lecturers and postgraduate students as well as papers from international scholars. Other research activities can be followed on our Research page

Research Seminars 

'Be proactive and take responsibility'

UWI STA School of Graduate Studies and Research brings together some of the campus’s top scholars to give inspirational and practical advice on doing research and getting published. Read more. 


IEM Research at UWI: Accomplishments and Ways Forward

Our most recent seminar was titled IEM Research at UWI: Accomplishments and Ways Forward and presented by Professor Kit Fai Pun and held on 15 March 2023, 5:00-7:00 pm.  

IEM Research Groups

There are two IEM Research Groups, in particular 1) Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) Group and 2) Technology Transfer and Management (TTM) Group.

 Membership (as invited and joined on a voluntary base) includes:

  • Faculty members who teach Industrial Engineering Courses and associated/related subjects, and
  • Graduate and research students whose research interests are in IEM, TTM and related areas, at the Department and a wider Faculty base.


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