About The Food Science & Technology Unit

The Food Science and Technology Unit is equipped with science laboratories that include a semi-commercial processing hall containing a range of small-scale equipment suitably instrumented for the systematic study of operations involved in the food industry; a food microbiology laboratory, a quality assurance laboratory, a food research laboratory with specialized analytical equipment, and a sensory evaluation facility. Areas of current research include food analysis, food safety and risk assessment, food preference and sensory studies, food fermentations, milk, meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetable microbiology and technology, food dehydration, and root crop processing dehydration, extrusion and food product development.

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Food Science and Technology Programme Coordinator 

Professor Gerrit Meerdink


Professor Gerrit Meerdink is the Coordinator for the MSc Food Science and Technology Program. Previously he was employed at Wageningen University (NL), Massey University (NZ) and University of Lincoln (UK). He received his MSc (ir.) Chemical Technology from Twente University and his PhD, Food Process Engineering from Wageningen University, both in the Netherlands. His research interests include; food process engineering, food product design and sustainable food processing.












Mujaffar, Saheeda

BSc (Nat. Sci.), MPhil (Agri. Eng.), PhD (Agri. Eng.) (UWI)

(Food Process Engineering, Food Dehydration, Postharvest Technology)

Ext: 84434

Kennedy, Helen

BSc Chemistry (UWI), MSc Food Technology (UWI)


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