NOTICE: Application for Vehicle Permit

Students who have not yet been issued a Student ID card may request their vehicle permit through the Department by emailing our virtual applicants: or

The following information must be submitted:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Driver's Permit Number
  • Driver's Permit expiry date


Students already in the possession of a Student ID should follow the procedure outlined in the message from Campus Security Service included below.



How To Apply For Your Vehicle Permit


Dear Colleagues,

Campus Security Services continues to accept applications for vehicle permits for the 2022/2023 academic year. 


Applicants are required to submit an application via the online portal: When this webpage is accessed, applicants should then click on the appropriate link: students, staff or virtual applicants. (Please see below the description of who is a Virtual Applicant)


Applicants are reminded to have their 12-digit UWI Smart Card ID Number and vehicle registration (license plate) number at hand as these will be required to complete the online application.

Persons who may have applied for 2022/2023 vehicle permits before August 3, 2022, must reapply, as all applications submitted before that date were purged from the system in preparation for receiving applications for the new academic year.


Applications for vehicle permits submitted via email or other forms of correspondence will not be processed.

All vehicle permit applicants are advised to: 


1.      Ensure that no blank spaces are included when adding the vehicle registration (license plate) number on the online application form


2.      Take note of the delivery address to which the vehicle permit will be delivered. This will be displayed below “Secondary License Plate (Optional)”, and will be labeled, “Your Vehicle Permit will be delivered to: ‘Department Name’”.  If the department name shown is incorrect, applicants should click the check box next to “Change delivery address” and enter the correct department name in the space provided.  This is necessary to ensure that vehicle permits are delivered to the correct departments


3.      Vehicle permits will be delivered to the stated address\department within four (4) working days after the submission of the application

For technical assistance or to report technical issues, please send emails to 


Queries regarding vehicle permits may be submitted via email to 


The UWI St. Augustine Campus Vehicle Permit Policy available at 


Who is a Virtual Applicant?
Virtual Applicants are persons specially designated by Heads of Departments and authorized by the Director of Security to submit applications online, on behalf of persons associated with the department who have not been issued a UWI Smart Card ID Card. Persons without UWI Smart Card IDs can liaise with their department's appointed Virtual Applicant to avail themselves of this facility.


If any Department is without a Virtual Applicant, the Head of Department should contact the Director of Security via email at , requesting that a specified member of staff be authorized. The request should include the staff member’s full name, position within the department, email address and telephone contact information.


No one, other than authorized Virtual Applicants, should attempt to login via the Virtual Applicant link on the online vehicle permit portal.


Please be guided accordingly.


Campus Security Services

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